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An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Well, I gave a Goody box from Thredup a try again. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one. The first time I tried it I choose business casual.

I went for business casual again, but when I thought I hit NO patterns well, I got patterns alright.

The exciting part about these goody boxes, you can try things totally out of your comfort zone. Clothes in general aren’t something that gets me super excited.

I’m rarely in the mood to go find outfits, and honestly now that Covid-19 is here, I probably won’t be going to any in person conferences for awhile, so maybe I don’t need business casual.

This time I only kept one of the items, and it wasn’t because I loved it, it was because my daughter loved it.

I did end up ordering a few shirts off of Thredup though. ( I’ll share those once I get them)

Alright, for those who know me, this should give you a chuckle with these patterns. My daughter helped me out that night with the pictures too.

You only have seven days to try on the clothes and return them, otherwise you will be charged for everything.

If you didn’t see my FIRST review check that one out here.

And again like most of my stuff around here- *This post is NOT sponsored 🙂 ( its a rare thing in 2020 I know!)

This time I mostly wanted tops, and did NOT choose any jewelry. My last box I got one necklace which really makes the outfit fun. You can choose shoes as well, even purses.


Thredup is the largest online consignment and thrift shop.

From their site “We’re the world’s largest online secondhand shopping destination with thousands of like-new styles from your favorite brands at up to 90% off estimated retail. We make sure every single one of the 15K new arrivals we add to the site every day is 100% authentic and in such good shape, anyone could mistake them as new. N

No knockoffs here—just knockoff prices. Find high-quality used women’s clothing and used children’s clothing from fashionable closets just like yours. Specially curated by our style experts.”

If you are wondering why a cheap girl like me gave thredup a try in the first place read my story here.


This is the name of Thredup surpise box of fashion.  After answering a few questions on their website to get to know your style needs, you get a box mailed to you with 10 unique finds starting at $20 each. There is no obligation to have boxes sent to you every month. It’s a one and done need to order again if you like it deal.

The part that gets me as a frugal girl is $20 per item isn’t the cheapest I can find.

You can hit TJMaxx, Marshalls and get something brand new for less than $20 a piece.

What you are paying for though is someone else to pair items together for you. Take the guesswork out of it.

This was appealing to me because I am not often in the mood to shop for clothes. It’s overwhelming and I’m too cheap.

It took about two weeks again for my box to arrive, which is fine, times are crazy with shipping right now and I knew that going in.

Keep that in mind if you need something quick- you may be better off with Amazon Prime Wardrobe .

thredup goody box review part two

It’s a big ol box again and again there was a damaged corner. I think because it’s clothing inside the corners get smushed.

Before I continue on, I liked my OTHER Goody box here much better.

Inside are your clothes and the VERY important paper to us cheap girls, the prices. My tip try the clothes on BEFORE you look at the prices. Treat yourself.

Because if you are like me and you see the price- you’ll convince yourself you don’t like it.

thredup goody box review 2


thredup goody box review 2020

Okay, this outfit doesn’t count, because the shirt I got at Costco for $4 and the pants are the Goody Box outfit.

They were fine, comfy and looked new.

My mind instantly said- do I need more jeans? I have four pairs of jeans, well probably six but only four I like. Why do I need more?

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

I don’t- well maybe. I looked at the price- no. Don’t need jeans.

Outfit #2

thredup goody box review two

Okay, I do NOT like this one at all on me. I don’t know. My husband thought it was nice. I can’t.

Overall the dress was lightweight and comfortable.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Outfit #3

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

This is hilarious seeing these again, because this is NOT my style at all. The good news is, you can tell your stylist what you like and don’t like. The more specific you are the better you get.

I went less specific this time, and thought I checked off No patterns. But the only thing I checked was patterns. Hence this dress.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

What do you think? The neck part was extremely itchy.

It was a firm no.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Okay I went from feeling super old, to feeling like a teenager. I don’t even know what you do with this top. As you can see.

The selfie mode does not work for this. I had to get my nine year old daughter again.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

I’m embarrassed. HAHA I don’t even know to do with this. Yeah, you know what the answer was to this one.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Yeah, Riley stop. It’s a no.


thredup goody box review

I like the color and the cut isn’t bad. But it’s 2020, where would I wear this? Looking back maybe I should have kept this one?

My only other complaint with this box, everything was very wrinkled.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Okay there are the wrinkles. Yeah, it was a no on this one too. It was a velvety soft material. I like it,just not for me.

thredup goody box review

Can you tell I’m over these clothes already? This box like I said before wasn’t as good as my last one.

I like the color, but I don’t know, what’s wrong with me and these outfits?! HAHAH!


An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Okay it’s a little better for me. Striped again. But I didn’t LOVE it enough to keep it. The prices are at the end if you are getting curious.


An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

I actually liked this jacket. BUT it was a little too small. See it on my wrists? That would have drove me crazy and if I washed it, well game over.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2


An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

My friend was over when I got the box and SHE loved this sweater. It was super cozy and soft. BUT I have a blue one just like it, and being white out here on the farm. I couldn’t do it.

I did like it though. 😉

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

And then my daughter tried this on, and well it’s the only we kept.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

She looks way more fashionale than I do. I love it!

Here are all the clothes laid out I received in the box.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2
An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

The outfits are all name brand items for around $20. 

The pricing for items:

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2

Now for us cheap girls, we like to see the retail price to convince us we are getting a better deal.

But we all know it adds up quick. Some things seem a little overpriced while others are worth it. I highly recommend trying this at least ONCE in your life, even if you are a cheap girl. And check out my other Goody box review here to give you an idea of different items.


You only have seven days to try the items on and return what you don’t want. If you hated every item in the box you would just pay the $10.

Otherwise, you pay for only the items you keep. The shipping label and bringing back to the post office was easy to do. As long as you do it quickly.

Interested in giving it a try? You can use my referral link to get $10 off– basically, you won’t pay anything if you try the box and hate everything inside!

You can choose from theme boxes too like Fall, Business Casual, Weekend Warrior, Custom and more.

If you hate shopping and are willing to spend a little more for the convenience factor I think it’s totally worth a try.

If the prices are too high for you I would stick to shopping TJMaxx, Marshall’s etc.

I will add that after this box I went on the THredup website and ordered shirts and love them. Here’s how one of them turned out.

An Honest Thredup Goody Box Review- Part 2


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.