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Mini Pig Feeding Tips To Start Now


Wondering what NOT to feed your pig? I love my mini pigs and didn’t know any pig feeding tips. I tried feeding Mazuri Mini Pig food to our pig Olive. The result was extremely dry skin. Here is what I feed my mini pigs now and it’s working even better.

Food choices can be overwhelming for any pet owner. Especially the unique pot belly pig pets. Here is an idea of what you should be feeding your pot belly mini pig.

Mini Pig Feeding Tips To Start Now

I’ve owned my mini pigs for two years now. I’m in love. I’ve loved pigs since I was a kid. I showed pigs in 4-H and always wanted a pet pig.

I started with my first pig in the house for over a year. You can read our story here.

When we adopted Olive she was on Mazuri Mini Pig Food. Ive read a lot about other pig owners experiencing dry skin on this food.

It is specially for mini pigs and you may be questioning why you wouldn’t give your pig this food.

I bought Bentley from a local family farm when he was 10 weeks old. The farm owners had tried Mazuri mini pig food with their own pigs.

They noticed after a few weeks how dry the skin was. Once they switched to Purina Pig and Sow the skin issues cleared up.

I was fine with sticking with this food when I brought Bentley home.

I never thought to switch because it’s affordable. The Mazuri mini pig food is a more expensive.


  • Purina Pig and Sow 50 lbs. bag $14.99
  • Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult 25 lb bag is $18.99

If you only have one pig this bag should will last you a few months.

Olive was on Mazuri food for the first year of her life. When we brought her to our homestead I noticed right away how dry her skin was compared to Bentley’s. She also was on the thin side.

She was going to switch to Purina Pig and Sow anyways because Bently was already on it.

It only took days before I started seeing her skin clear up.

She is smaller too because she is mixed with the Juliana breed.

This is a personal story and everyone’s pig is different but if you are having any type of skin issues on your piggy try switching brands.

This food doesn’t make the pig fatter. I know that from ours because Olive gets a larger serving of food than Bentley and she’s still smaller.

How Much Food Do You Give?

Feeding too much or too little is a concern for many new pig parents. I know it was for me. I had the fear of feeding too much. And yet when Bently was living in the house he was constantly crying for food at night.

Here is the general guidelines to feed your mini pig.

1/4 cup 2x a day for a 25 lbs. pig. Along with veggies and fruits for snacks throughout the day.

2% pigs ideal weight in pellets for any pig over 25 lbs. Along with veggies and fruits for snacks.

What I Personally Feed My Pigs

Mini Pig Feeding Tips To Start Now

I use Purina Pig and Sow. My pigs are over 25 lbs. I give our smaller female pig a cup in the morning and evening along with veggies and fruits.

I give Bentley 3/4 cup in morning and night with snacks.

I don’t have a set amount of food the pigs get for snacks. In the winter it is usually whatever veggie or fruit scraps are left. When there is a sale on Spinach or another green I will get that and give it to the pigs.

I feed the pigs in the treat balls for breakfast and dinner in the winter months. If it’s a warmer day and they can go outside and search for the pellets I’ll do that.

Mini Pig Feeding Tips To Start Now

The treat balls give them something to do and burn a few extra calories in the winter. It’s hard enough to keep them occupied in the house when its freezing out!

In the warmer months they get less pellets and a lot more veggies and fruits. In the summer the pigs will come out of the pen and roam around. We also have a lot of fruit trees and they love to indulge.

If your pig is indoors and constantly whines out for food, you can try increasing the amount of pellets. I found giving Bently oatmeal at night helped him stop waking us up with a squeal at 4:30 a.m every morning.

If you have increased the amount of food and your pig is still constantly crying out for more, just say no. Your pig may have you trained that when it squeals it gets what it wants.

I found when Bentley already had plenty of food and wanted to test my patience with whining or opening up every cupboard again, he goes outside.

They are testing you to see what you will give into and they could just be bored.

Putting Bentley outside when he was a year and a half was the best decision for both of us. It was hard in the beginning but it’s been wonderful. You can read our story and how to transition your pig outdoors here.

In the summer try growing extra lettuce for your pigs. I find lettuce is so easy to grow throughout the summer and they love it.

We did try the Dumor Mini Pig treats and wow they love those. They are the favorites. I try to limit to one or two a day. You can grab these at Tractor Supply too. fee


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