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8 Do’s and Don’ts of a Life With a Baby Mini Pig

I wrote this post just weeks after we picked up our first-ever 10-week-old pot-bellied pig. This is my experience going through it. I’ve come a long way.

The day after Thanksgiving 2016, we drove out just my husband and me about 45 minutes away to pick up our first mini pig. The emotions were excited and a little bit scared. There was no going back now. Did I know what I was doing? I raised two pigs for the 4-H market as a kid and that was the extent of pigs in my life.

I have always wanted a potbelly pig and now that we have a country house it seems the options are endless. My husband was scrolling through Craigslist and saw miniature pigs for $100.

One reason I didn’t push a mini pig was that everywhere I saw was close to $1,000. I can’t spend that much money on a pet. I also knew the price was so high because these so-called breeders are charging a high price tag for what they call a micro mini pig.

Since I have owned three pot belly pigs for six years now, I can tell you there are no teacup pigs, and if they promise you anything about weight for that pig that is under 100 pounds run away, they don’t deserve your money.

8 Do's and Don'ts of a Life With a Baby Mini Pig

For a quick comparison, my first pig Bentley who this blog post is about and is currently pictured above in 2023, now weighs 200 lbs, and our youngest pig who is three and is a registered Juliana pig picture below weighs 100. BUT back to the story. I love these pigs with all my heart and they are all best friends.

If you want to see my recent articles on our pigs who are now 6 years old go here.

raising pot belly pigs for first time

So we pursued it.

On that drive,  we were excited and a little bit scared. There was no going back now. Did I really know what I was doing?

Surely I wouldn’t really know what I was doing with a mini pig- would I?

Could it be any better to live in today’s world of technology? None of my friends have raised a miniature pot-bellied pig in their home. So I couldn’t ask them. Go to the library and get a book from 5 years ago- who does that anymore?! ( okay, I still do go to the library for gardening books and others, but not as much)

Where do we go when we don’t know how to do something? Google.

I taught myself to start a blog by Googling a LOT of it. My husband did all the home repairs and more thanks to Youtube.

So, of course, I would Google about mini pigs.

But what did I learn that Google failed to share with me?

This. All of This.

Read below 🙂

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Mini Pig

Don’t Expect A Mini Pig to Act Like a Puppy

Mini Pigs are a cat and dog combined in our opinion. Take the characteristics of a begging dog that follows you everywhere you go and the characteristics of a cat that comes to you when it wants attention, and boom you have a mini pig.

It was an adjustment to get used to the fact that for the first few weeks our pig Bently didn’t want to just come by us. He didn’t want to be picked up at all. Google did tell me that one. He did climb up in our laps on the second day here, but it was on his time. Never when we called.

I have to say after having him for over a month now he follows me around just like our German Shepard Lab dog Jake. I like it. He likes it. It’s better now.  Remember that mini pigs have no desire to please you as a dog does.

They will sell their souls for food. I am happy to report that he has been home with me in the time. He tends to recognize the word, No and after a couple yells of “No Bently” when he is in the cupboard he comes squealing over to us.

Check out the food we feed our mini pigs and the food that didn’t work for us HERE.

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8 Do's and Don'ts of a Life With a Baby Mini Pig

Do Feed Your Pot Belly Pig Correctly

I see it all the time, someone buys a potbellied mini pig and has no idea what they are doing, so they hop on over to Facebook and ask questions. Breeders more often than not tell them to underfeed the pig and wean them to early and have the new owners giving them goat’s milk.

The whole process is disgusting, and this is why shelters and sanctuary are full of old pet mini pigs. Once they get too big people get rid of them. They will get big friends.

New pig parents need to know that it is okay to feed your baby pig regular pig feed. Since ours were baby pigs we have fed Purina Pig and Sow. it comes in a 50-pound bag for $21.99 at Tractor Supply.

I’ve switched to the Runnings brand of pig feed for a few months, and both of my older pigs, Bently and Olive got sick.

They’ve never had an issue with this feed and I’m not going to switch it again on them. Portion control is a good idea with pot-bellied pigs. You know they will eat whatever they want. With baby pigs, I start by feeding them a 1/4 cup of pellets in the morning and evening soaked in water.

Six years later they get one cup of pellets in the morning and night, and they still want it soaked in water. Just a little splash goes a long way.

I did try Mazuri mini pig food with Bentley when he was young because it was available at our local Tractor Supply for the first time, but the price is insane and not a frugal way to raise my animals. One 25-pound bag of Mazuir mini pig adult active is $23.99 on Chewy.

As I said above the Purina food has been working great for six years, and it’s half the cost.

Many new pig parents are worried the pig will get fat, and it’s true they can easily become overweight it is typically with the choice of treats you are giving. If you treat your pig like a garbage can giving it all your extras, then they may get fat. Watch what you are feeding and stick to a natural diet.

Mini Pig

Do Expect a Mini Pig to Root

From my Google searching, I was under the impression that mini pigs needed a rooting box. So my super handy husband started making a pen for him indoors until we realized we would just put him in our closet.

Ok, it’s a very weird long closet between the bathroom and our bedroom. It works. Our farmhouse was built in the 1850s so it has some quirks.

So we turned the bottom into a rooting box. I threw hay from the barn in there. Yes, they love munching on hay. I would throw treats in there ( only veggies in the beginning) for him to root around. The bottom was made out of plywood.

Then he started pooping and peeing in there. This was not good. I couldn’t have my porch where everyone enters our home literally smelling like a barn. If you need tips to get pig urine out of carpet read this.

If you really do not want a pet pig that roots- look into the Kune Kune breeds. We had a KuneKune pig for two years and she did not root up our pasture with the goats. She is a great farm option but we decided not to pursue breeding so she is at our friend’s farm where she’s an excellent mother.

The rooting box was out.

We realized he roots around the house by sniffing around. We throw towels in his room and hide treats in there. He has quickly realized the kitchen is where I prep amazing smelling food. We hang in there a lot.

So I will hide treats around the kitchen.

They have a lot of energy like a puppy. And when they want out- they squeal and scrape at the door so loud you are forced to listen.

They are stubborn like that.


I did pick up my favorite treat ball toy for him that keeps him occupied right now when it is 9 degrees here in New York. Bently loves this treat ball it, and many times, I will feed half his pellet food to him in it.

*Update I still use this same ball with our older pigs now, and they love it. I upgraded to the bigger size. For more pig toys tap here.

This will become less as the weather warms up and Bently can root around outside naturally.

More Mini Pig Stuff:


Do Pick Your Mini Pig Up

I think it is important to get your pig used to you picking it up. We have done this with all the animals we own, and as time goes on and they trust you more it gets easier. Know that a pig will squeal to its highest decibel when you pick it up. Bently is just like a child; he tests to see what will work.

Now there are times I go to pick him up after he has done something he shouldn’t and he lets out a pathetic squeal. Other times when I pick him just because I want to cuddle and he doesn’t he lets out his ear-piercing squeal that he knows causes me to put him down immediately.

It’s important to pick them up and have them know they can trust you. Pigs are prey animals so it is their instinct to squeal when being picked up since they are only off the ground in the wild when they are in danger.

If no matter what you are trying your pig does NOT want to be picked up that is okay. You will have to bond with your pig in others ways, by spending time, training etc.

It is important to pick up your mini pig the right way. Watch and learn how here.

Mini Pig


Don’t Expect Your Pig to Like The Cold

I have found that younger pigs aren’t too fond of the cold. Once they get older it’s not their favorite but they can handle it just fine.

Our pig does not like cold weather. Our heat is set at 66 degrees and he loves hanging over the heating vents. He also loves leaning against the dryer when it is running and the oven.

We tried to get him to go outside when it was 45 degrees here in January by leading a trail of treats out the door and he wanted no part in it.

If your pig is driving you crazy in the winter here are my best ideas to try and keep them entertained. 

The pig passed up FOOD!

Don’t expect to take your mini pig outside if it’s cold. He is perfectly happy inside at the moment. No reason to pressure, scare and have them shivering.

The person we bought Bently from said to give a half Flintstones Kids Multivitamin with Iron daily. After doing a little research  I have decided to give him this twice a week. I choose to give him more iron-rich foods. Once your pig reaches maturity they do not need supplemental iron. 

After talking with a local vet they too said to remember that pigs digestive system are very similar to humans. If you wouldn’t give your kids something, don’t give it to your little piggy!

*Update: I now have three pigs who are two years old and almost one and they live outside full time now. You can read the story and how to transition your pig here.

pot belly pig pet

Do Train Your Pig to Learn Sit & Come

Bentley picked up things within days. It is true by just watching him, how smart he is. It took about a week for him to learn to sit all the way down, but with persistence he got it.

It is so important to train your pig to sit because you want him to know he has to work for food. You do not want your pig to get spoiled pig syndrome, this can be very dangerous to the whole family.

It is important to have each family member ask your pig to sit as well. This goes along with avoiding spoil pig syndrome and others have reported they would charge any family member who wasn’t the “leader”. I certainly want to be known as the leader but having small kids I do not want them to be charged at.

So each family member works with Bently on a daily basis.

“Come” is such an important one. In the beginning, when I tried to take Bently out on a harness and pull back on the leash it was an utter disaster.

Now two months later, we have practiced putting the harness and leash on in the house, and he is much more open to the slight pull back on the leash when I tell him to “Come”.

Check out this video I made on how to put a harness on your mini pig.

You can watch a video below on how I take Bently for a walk with a leash.

Don’t Let Your Kids Feed A Pig From Their Hands

I started off letting the girls give Bently a treat after sitting with their hands. Although they were hesitant. After speaking with a vet she recommended to not do that because a pig’s eyesight is very poor.

They can’t see and kids always have something to smell on their hands. This will result in a pig biting their little fingers. We certainly do not want that. So the girls place the treat on the floor.

We also make sure to tell our pig “ALL DONE” and show our hands empty. He has caught on to this quickly and walks away after. Before he would keep sniffing us to see if there was more food.

Mini Pig

Do Know Your Pig Must Learn The Word No

When I was reading I went into this pig parenting thinking this pig won’t listen to a word I say unless I feed it.

Three months later I am falling more in love with owning a mini pig.  Bently knows the word no quite well. Every time he tries to open the cupboard and we tell him “No” he gets down and runs away. When he has an accident in my office and he hears my tone changing and I say” Where do you go potty?” He runs to his room.

All my Googling has said that pigs do not want to please you. I can’t help but think those little acts are somewhat wanting to please.  I am glad that he knows when he is doing something wrong and will listen.

Mini Pig

Don’t Let Your Mini Pig Have Free Range of Your House

I learned this the hard way. From day 2 we let Bently roam a majority of our house.  He started peeing and pooping outside of his litter box. He doesn’t just do it on the carpet, he does it in the same spot every time. We have hardwood floors and a rug in my office and the living room.

You have to remember they have smaller bladders. It has helped by only letting him have free range for a shorter amount of time and making sure he goes back to his room.

If your pig is peeing and you need to get the smell out here’s what I use and reasons they may be peeing in the home.

You also just like with puppies really need to make sure you get the scent out so they do not keep going back.

You can find a bunch of tips specifically on potty training here.


We have only owned our mini pig for just over 3 months now. So I know we have much more to learn and I will be sharing more with you. Today I wanted to share with you the things I think are the most important to know in the beginning. Straight from my own experience as well.

Today I wanted to share with you the things I think are the most important to know in the beginning. Straight from my own experience as well.

I would love to know your tips and tricks for living with a mini pig.

Or if you are thinking about owning one, any questions you have please ask away in the comment section below!

things you had no idea pigs love

Again I love my pot belly pigs and they are so much bigger now, but one of the easiest animals on the farm and the smartest.

You may be interested in Checking out this comprehensive guide Mini Pig’s Owner Guide on Amazon! 

Have great day friends!

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Bruce’s Mom

Tuesday 5th of September 2023

My family and I just adopted our first mini-pig 3 days ago. He is 5 weeks old. We are having a tough time getting him to eat. I was told to feed him goat’s milk out of the bottle until he starts eating his pellets soaked in goats milk. Even getting him to drink 1cc is a challenge. Desperate for suggestions.


Saturday 9th of September 2023

Oh boy, that is really young to be away from his mother already. Have you tried putting the milk in a dish?


Thursday 8th of September 2022

I am currently raising 2 babie piglets and will be in need of a forever home. They have been with me since week one, they will be 3 weeks on Monday sept 12 th. They are both little girls and have healthy appetites. They are both doing great on potty training and come to they’re names. If you know of anyone looking for a new family member, please contact me @ 714-654-7620 my name is lisa

Carol Woolley

Monday 31st of January 2022

I have had my pig for a month. He is 3 months old. He was house broken We let him root in the yard. I read they need to eat grass for their teeth and dirt or they will need selenium shots. very often when he is antsy in the house I will throw some pig food in the grass. we have deep thick grass it is big entertainment. He sits on command and has learned "no". he walks on the leash but he could be better on it. I am a little worried about what this will be in 2 years when he is over 50lbs. Please email me if you any advice. At is little self of 13lbs He will charge my cat and grandson which is very concerning to me. Also when he gets big I am afraid he in the dog are going to have a real fight instead of the bickering they do now.


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Hi Carol! Yes they are more challenging to keep in the house as they grow. Males will get tusks as well. Even if he is neutered they still grow through and are sharp. Not as long, but it is something to keep in mind. We have all our potbelly pigs outside now. They root up their entire pen and get grass clippings and such in the summer. In the winter they get pellets and a little hay. We don't do or have needed to do selenium shots.


Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Hi just got a mini pig a week ago and I noticed she loves being picked up by only me won’t let the kids pick her up. She wants to be cuddled and sleep with me at night but will nap in her bed during the day and is very good at using the litter box but when exploring does get confused with the carpet. She will root on me when she’s tired.


Monday 22nd of November 2021

Hi Megan, depending on how old the kids are, you may not even need to worry about them picking her up. Enjoy this time of picking her up because it won't last long. They get big so fast- as I'm sure you are realizing. Soak up the pig cuddles and enjoy this time. Sounds like everything is pretty normal.

Kathryn Foster-Martin

Saturday 25th of September 2021

I am about to adopt a 5 yo spayed female. I currently own a 6 mo spayed female. The adoptee is an outdoor pig but used to be an indoor pig. She has endured bulldog attacks and two volatile relationships that her human mommy was suffering through.

How do you introduce a new pig to the family? Ive seen videos where the pigs fight it out and I am not a fan of that, nor do I think its necessary. I am thinking of allowing the pigs to get to know each other through a fence. Please advise.



Saturday 25th of September 2021

HI Kathryn! Yes pigs are pretty vicious depending on personality when it comes to introductions. In your case, it shouldn't be too bad because your pigs is much younger. I actually have a video I need to upload of how we introduced our pigs. I suggest having them separate and sniffing through a fence and introducing when they stop nipping, hair up and showing any sign of aggression through the fence. Which they will and that is totally normal. The other thing to keep in mind is that it is normal for your pigs to fight when introduced. It's their way of establishing who is top pig. I'm going to work on a post for this in the next couple days here.

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