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Three Ways to Let Go of Perfection

Are you looking for tips to let go of perfection? Tired of striving for more to be better, bigger, and keep up with the others? Never forget these three things to help you overcome a fear of failure. They have worked in incredible ways. You can discover ways to always embrace new beginnings.

You know those moments that as it’s happening something inside you is saying ” This will be profound later in my life” You have a conversation with someone and they say one line that feels like the whole world stopped.

You are left hearing those words ring through your entire body leaving goose bumps as they run.

“Never Stop Learning”

I heard this from my mother at 31-years-old. Sure she may have said this to me as a kid. But it wasn’t until I was 31 when she said those words to me they became profound.  They are a gentle reminder of a few different things.

Her love for me.

Her belief in me.

Her faith in Jesus. 

Raising our own animals and growing our own food is a huge learning process.  My husband and I didn’t grow up on a farm although I volunteered at a friend’s farm daily for a year.

We are learning. 

I think that is the coolest part about having your own little farm- the community is built because no matter what stage of farming you are in you are always learning.

Gardening is a lifelong love affair- wouldn’t you agree? Just when you think you got it all figured out Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

You learn.

I start to think about how much we moved around during my childhood from state to state and how we had to adapt to our new environment.

It was a preparation for the life we are now embarking on. A life where the environment seems to change ever so slightly but constantly.

From older hens time being up, to new little chicks walking around.

From new illnesses to your farm for the first time you plant a garden in an unknown territory.

It all becomes so familiar and so new at the same time.

But isn’t that why we all love it?


Why Learning Is So Hard When it’s not on the Farm

If you were told “You are going to Learn so much” before you entered the hardest changes in your life, I think most of us would say something similar to- “No Thank you.. and turn away. Anything that has us squealing and running away like a pig. 🙂

Learning is not easy. Learning as an adult is much more complex. 

Learning on the farm is much different than when you must learn about yourself.

So the fence you put up to keep your goats in didn’t work. You may get a little upset but your desire and need to fix it immediately kick in. Then when you are finished you sit back and find even more satisfaction.

You don’t look to yourself so much you look to blame the animals, the environment, nature. And that eases some of the imperfections we fail to see in ourselves.

Yet, that is not the case when we put ourselves out there and discover we may have done something that others pushed back on.

Those words from my mom’ Never Stop Learning” almost took my breath away because I was going through a mini panic attack.

Now for me, I am someone who doesn’t give too much thought to tomorrow’s worries.

When my mom gets on the airplane to come and visit- her anxiety increases. She always makes a comment about “well if the plane goes down…..”

I get on the plane and am like  “When am I getting a snack? What’s the weather going to be like? The plane going down? Eh. No big deal.”

But there are plenty of other areas that control my mind in a way that is unhealthy.

My mini panic attack was on my meal plan failing.

Yet I wasn’t seeing my meal plan failing I was seeing myself failing.

Putting myself out there and not being perfect.

Oh, how hard it is to learn we are all broken.

I may not have worries about tomorrow.

But I worry about failing.  WAY. TOO. MUCH.

The worst part is I do these things to myself. Take on a million different things and hope and pray I can handle them all. When in reality I can’t do it all.

Because I am not perfect.

You aren’t either.

But we are uniquely and beautifully made in our Father’s image.

That is such a hard thing for me to grip sometimes.

I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and that my soul knows right well. Psalm 139:14 KJV

How many of us miss that last line?

My soul knows right well? We must keep this connection with our hearts and mind.

Remember This When You Try Something New

Learning Will Make You Stand Up Taller

So after I let the words sink in from my amazing mother. I stood up taller.

I decided to take my fail of a meal plan and look at what I learned. Just like when I decided to give up my first blog. I didn’t really fail. I learned and applied that experience to where I am today.

The truth is First Times is frustrating, scary, and stressful. To name a few.

Because we are learning. It’s new. And many of us need improvement when we try something the first time.

We will never be perfect. Take the saying “Practice Makes Perfect” right out of your head.

Start believing that Practice makes progress. Progress leads to success. Our contentment comes from the one who created us when we follow his path for us that he has so beautifully laid out for you.

So my meal plan didn’t go the way I wanted. So I didn’t get thousands of people to buy it like I wanted.

I wanted to create a meal plan that I knew tasted delicious, kid-friendly, and healthier- CHECK.

That is more important than money.

Blogging is such hard work. That’s why I break away from my business blog and hop on over here.

God gently nudged me reminding me that it’s ok to give it away for free because, in the end, all Glory Goes to Him.

How could I think for a second that I should get some of that Glory?

I didn’t just learn how to create a meal plan for readers and learn how to set up payment stuff on the blog;

I learned we should never stop trusting and learning from our mothers. I didn’t let the perfect plan I saw in my own mind turn my attitude bitter. I decided to keep my armor on against the devil hoping my heart softened through the experience.

Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning from God who uses so many people in our lives to continue writing this incredible story. The story has already been written for us.

We just have to choose to walk in it.

So my hope is for you today- that while you are taking one step towards a greater victory that you look at learning as something to be joyful about.

We all know that farming is learning. As we really start to expand our farm this next summer I will be sharing all my learning lessons here with you. In fact, we brought home our mini pig Bently last week.


So never stop learning. Allow the process to change you, open you up to what’s already been laid out for you. Be humbled by the process.

The greatness God wants for you.

You are never too old or too young.

Just keep learning.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

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