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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about what we are going to give to those we love for Christmas. If you are hoping to do a little DIY this season you may be starting your gifts now. It’s never to early when it comes to preparing for Christmas. But what happens when you have that friend who is so frugal you are in awe of her and maybe a bit confused by her and have no idea what to give her for Christmas?

You check out my Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers! 

  • Maybe you want to make her something- but think she could make it 10x better.
  • Maybe you want to give her something fancy but you know it will kill her when you tell her the price.
  • Maybe you just want to treat her to something special but not sure where to start.

This gift guide is the perfect list to help inspire and give to your frugal girlfriend. The one who loves a deal, wants to reuse things as much as possible but also knows the difference between quality and quantity.

If you know they love practical gifts and aren’t really looking for more “stuff” check out my Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers.

The thing for frugal lovers is that a handmade gift is always welcome. We know the time that was put in and how time can be much more valuable then money. Don’t give a frugal friend a splurge gift. Most likely it is something they do not want and will end up re-gifting or selling down the road.

ultimate gift guide for frugal lovers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers:

Slow Cooker– There are so many things that you can do with a slow cooker. If your loved one doesn’t have one yet this is something every frugal person will agree on it gets a lot of use.

Popcorn Maker– Popcorn is a cheap and healthier snack. An Air popper is cost effective and practical. A fantastic frugal find for sure.

Glass Storage Containers– This is a great because many of us resourceful folks love preserving our own food. Or we like to make big batches of food and freezer for another meal later on down the road. I love my glass freezer/oven safe storage set and would love to have a few more but it is something I wouldn’t spend the money on because I would use plastic bags instead.

A Cast Iron Skillet–  This is a pan that will last. Every frugal person wants a practical good quality gift and this is one. Check a bunch out on Amazon.

Garden Seeds-  This is such a cost effective way to grow your own food and flourish your yard with flowers. I know I can get a bit seed crazy and would love this as a gift ( hint hint). It’s a great practical gift that keeps on giving.

Canning System- This is a great way to preserve food from your own backyard or from the farmer’s markets. If your loved one already has a canner grab them a box of mason jars. I know I always need mason jars. Check one out in detail here.

Dehydrator If they are raising their own food, or even a hunter or married to one this is a great item to have on hand. You can make so many snacks with a dehydrator and they will last for years to come.

More Gift Guides:

Led Lightbulbs– These are a great purchase but one that is a bit more expensive and your frugal minded friend may not splurge for. They will surely love it if you do though. BJ’s has great prices on these. 

Coupon Binder/Organizer– If you’re frugal friend is clipping coupons keeping them organized is a must. They probably wouldn’t spend a ton of money on a nicer organizer but would love the appreciation of someone else doing it. Browse all different kinds here. 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers

Amazon Prime Subscription– Today there are so many awesome deals you can score on Amazon that everyone would love this as a gift. The two day shipping is something that never gets old. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Netflix/Hulu Subscriptions– These are pretty common among families today switching from cable to these services. If they already have Hulu see if they have the upgraded no commercials version. If not buy the upgrade for them.

Make a Sugar Scrub Recipe– This is a homemade gift everyone will love. Gardeners especially love a good scrub after digging in the dirt. There are hundreds to choose from on Pinterest to make.

Make Soup Mixes–  Soup is a staple when you live in a colder climate. It’s so cute to leave the jars out as a decoration until you are ready to use them. Plus they are simple to make and can be tailored to the person’s desired taste. Get a little PinInspired on these!

Kitchen Aprons( Matching if you have kids!)- This is something many of us don’t want to spend the money on but it is so nice to have a cute apron to where when you are working hard in the kitchen to save your family some money. Even cuter is when you can get matching aprons with your kiddos.  Buy one here. 

Themed Gift Basket-  It is so fun to make a themed gift basket and receive. You could gather up some spa day items or make it a movie themed one. Oh the possibilities. 

Wreaths– They always add an instant warmth and welcome to any house. You could make one or purchase one that she can use year after year.

Dishwasher- This is for my husband. He is actually reading my blog. It only took three blogs before he decided to read something I wrote and he was pleasantly entertained. So yes if he’s here a dishwasher. Yet if you are a frugal person and you do not have one you may never ask because well you may not have a blog to ask your husband. 😉 I keep asking. Anyways….

What would you add to this list as a great gift for a frugal person? 


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Thursday 3rd of November 2016

Excellent suggestions! I appreciate getting one or two trendy or pretty things for Christmas that I wouldn't buy for myself. If it's a gift, I can just enjoy it instead of feeling guilty for the splurge.


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

Thanks Lindsay. Yes it is easier to enjoy the splurge when it's someone else who does it for us!

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Frugal Folks

Friday 28th of October 2016

[…] I am a frugal person by nature I suppose. I love a deal I love getting things for less and using what we have. I know giving gifts to resourceful people can be hard. So I created the Ultimate Gift Guide for Frugal Lovers over on my Frugal Farm Girl Blog. […]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.