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Week 3: I’m on a Spending Freeze- $22.34

spending freezeThis is not easy. The first 10 days I was all like “I got this no big deal.” And now the high of can I do this is gone and the “I DONT WANT TO DO THIS is creeping in.”

But you know what is getting me through?!

Discipline. That is what it comes down to when you are choosing your priorities. I want to just scan through the clearance home decor items at Target and hope I see such a great deal I would be a fool not to buy it.

In my situation right now, I would be the fool if I bought it.

Right now in this third week I am struggling with knowing items that are a great deal that we will need in a week and if I should buy them now or not.

The advantage is I have been couponing and watching the sales religiously for 5 years now.  So I know sales come and go.

I can truly let go of the wants. I would much rather keep our money going to our new house and our old house. But it’s not to say those temptations do not arise. I’m human just like you. I’m wanting the convenience of pre made snacks in my cupboard too.

But in this I’m working on my discipline and that is always something rewarding at the end.

So this week we needed dog food and my husband needed socks. Praise the Lord my grandma sent us gift cards for Target. My husband tells me I can’t use those for dog food and socks but I tell him why not?! I do not NEED anything other then those items at Target right now. Perspective right?!

Here’s what we bought this week:

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speding freeze

Tops Markets:

2 Blue Diamond Half Gallon Almond Milk on clearance $1.85 each
1 Valu Time Honey Nut Cheerios Bag on clearance $3.99
4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars $2 each
Used two $0.50/2 printable coupon doubled here and
Used the $0.50/2 Savingstar offer here 
And used the $0.50/1 Granola Bars Ibotta offer here

2 Packs of Go Veggie Cheese BOGO $3.29
Used the $1/1 printable coupon here and
Used the $1/1 Ibotta offer here

1 Bottle of Ranch Dressing $1.99

2 – Gallons of Milk at Walmart $2.09

1- Smart Balance Butter $3.69 
Used the $0.75/1 printable coupon doubled here

Total Spent:  $22.34- This is what came out of our account. 

Target we got a 16 lb. bag of Boots And Barkley Dog Food and Hanes Men’s Socks- Spent $26 and used my gift card.

Stayed on budget all thanks to that gift card! But you are definitely going to want to see what happens next week. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.