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The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

If you love to save money on EVERY SINGLE Thing, then you know you think about the fuel you are burning every time you get into the car. Using grocery savings apps and coupons was one way we kept a super tight grocery budget, and now we can fill up for less with gas apps.

Our top two favorite gas-saving apps are Upside and Google maps. I’ve included a few other easy-to-use gas apps and tips for saving money next time you are at the gas station.

best gas apps

Upside Gas App

Have you heard about Upside? This is the one we use the most. Mainly my husband uses it since he drives at least an hour each way for work.

This free money-saving gas app is your golden ticket for scoring cheap gas at more than 45,000 national gas stations. Fill up and get cash back for your gas purchases (terms apply) plus rewards when you refer a friend!

With Upside on iPhone or Android devices there’s no need to guess which station has the best price – it sends real-time updates direct from its map of offers.

The upside app store rating is #13 in travel and has a 4.28-star rating making it one of the best gas apps.

What’s in it for YOU? Cashback with receipts saved AND amazing deals exclusive to this platform, like grocery stores and restaurants! Don’t wait because you only have access to all these gas cash-back rewards for four hours after activating an offer to claim your reward!

If that sounds intimidating, it’s not. You usually won’t claim your offer until you are at the gas station or on your way.

When you have your credit or debit card connected, you will drive to nearby gas stations with a cashback offer. This shows up in the app to let you know the nearest gas station.

Once you pull in the gas station you will open the Upside app and check in. If your payment card is stored you will select that payment and fill up like normal.

Next time you open the upside app you should see your cashback. It’s such an easy app to use once you get in the habit.

The downside is if you are a wholesale club member- meaning you shop at BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s, the upside app does not partner with those retailers. If they did, we would be getting the best gas deals around.

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now


Enjoy savings of up to 25 cents per gallon without ever needing a credit check! With GasBuddy, you can link your checking account with the free Pay with GasBuddy card to find and activate deals at 95% of gas stations across the country.

Plus, download their app for iPhone and Android so that seasonal promotions are only an arm’s reach away. Any personal information shared may be used by third-party advertisers.

best gas app


Get ready to hit the open roads with Waze, your frugal navigator! This free app can help you find some of the best routes and cheapest gas prices available.

With its easy-to-use filters and credit card rewards integration, saving at the pump has never been so simple.

Not only does it provide helpful information about traffic jams, car crashes or construction delays on any route you take — but users also contribute accurate pricing data along every stop as well!

Download for iPhone and Android devices today – Waze is here to ensure that your journeys are always pocket-friendly.

New deals are revealed every week.

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Google Maps

Save time and money on your next fill up with Google Maps! Quickly compare gas station prices in one spot without leaving the comfort of your car.

Over a billion monthly users rely on the trusty app to find basic information like directions, fuel type availability and now price comparisons too – just search for “gas” within and you’ll be able to easily snag yourself some good deals.

Checkout 51

Did you know this grocery savings app can also be used for gas? It doens’t come to mind first as a gas app but itis an easy way to add more cash to your bank account.

It’s an app I rarely use anymore but used to use it all the time years ago, but now I check it for gas.

The Gas station offers are store specific, so browse gas stations you will be stopping at to earn cashback. You will add the offer to your account ( much like Ibotta) and submit your receipt.

So make sure to save those gas receipts. I always get a gas receipt and submit it to Fetch and Coinout. You’ll be a money-saving gas guru at the pump in no time!

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Other Ways To Save Money on Gas

If you pair the gas apps mentioned above with the driving habits below you will notice more room in your budget!

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Drive on properly inflated tires

Your car will run more efficiently if your tires are properly inflated. Check your owner’s manual or tire pressure gauge to find out the right inflation level for your vehicle and make sure you regularly check and adjust as needed.

Turn The AC Down

Use your air conditioning judiciously. A/C adds strain on your engine, so try rolling down your windows if the weather is mild.

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Remove excess weight from your car

.emove unnecessary items from your trunk and back seat to save on fuel. The less weight you carry, the less gas your car will use.

best gas apps

Stop warming up your car

Modern cars don’t need to be warmed up, and doing so is a waste of fuel. Just start the car and let it warm up as you drive.

I always thought this was true, and after doing a bit more research, it is, but it is hard for a person who lives up north to NOT warm their car up with its a whopping 10 degrees.

Still, newer cars heat up quickly, and if you are lucky enough to have seat warmers, that does the trick.

Precool your hybrid vehicle

If you drive a hybrid vehicle, switch it to “EV Mode” before driving and use the electric motor for short trips instead of burning fuel. Some of the newer cars have an option to go with a fuel saving mode.

Fill up during off peak times

Gas prices tend to be higher in the mornings and evenings, so try to fill up during the middle of the day when it’s cheaper.

Use rideshares more often.

Rideshares are becoming increasingly popular and can help you save on gas money if you use them instead of driving your own car when possible.

Have friends or family members take turns driving the car to social events, work, and errands so that you don’t have to

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Use public transportation

Taking the bus, train or subway can save you a lot of money on gas and parking fees. Look into your area’s public transportation options to see if this is an affordable option for you.

This goes for if your children can take the school bus; consider having them ride the bus instead of being picked up or dropped off. I’ve always thought our high taxes are why the kids ride the bus, but it turns out they actually like talking to their friends on the bus.

Keep your windows up on the highway

Rolling your windows down while driving on the highway can significantly increase drag and reduce fuel efficiency. Keep your windows up in these situations to save on gas.

Know when to use cruise control

Cruise control is great for maintaining a steady speed, but it’s not ideal when driving in traffic or on hilly terrain because it can waste fuel. Know when to use cruise control and when to turn it off to maximize your gas savings.

Don’t drive aggressively

Aggressive driving can waste a lot of fuel, so try to maintain a steady pace and avoid sudden stops and starts as much as possible.

Opt for regular gas

If your car allows for it, opt for regular gas instead of premium to save money at the pump.

Compare gas prices on the road ahead of time.

Apps like GasBuddy and Google Maps can help you compare prices in your area so you can find the best deal before you pull up to the pump.

The Best Gas Apps to Save on Gas Fill Ups Right Now

Combine errands into one trip.

If possible, try to combine multiple errands into one trip instead of making several short drives. This will help you use less fuel and save money.

Use a gas credit card that rewards filling up

Look for credit cards that offer rewards or discounts on fuel purchases so you can get savings every time you fill up. This is another perk to being a BJ’s rewards member!

Loyalty Rewards at Gas Stations

Many gas stations offer loyalty rewards that can offer discounts on fuel purchases and other perks. Sign up for these programs to save money when filling up your tank.

You can usually stack these with your rewards credit card.

Maximize your grocery store perks

Many grocery stores offer discounts on fuel when you shop at their store, so maximize this perk by stocking up on groceries when you need a fill up. My favorite local stores that do this is Tops Markets and BJ’s Wholesale club.

You can easily score $1 off a gallon of gas when you purchase gas items at the club. BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s, and Costco fuel stations are always cheaper than regular gas stations.

To find gas stations near you take advantage of Google Maps and or Waze.

Even if you don’t use the rewards being a wholesale club member means you get cheap gas prices.

Home delivery services

More and more home delivery services are popping up all over the country, saving you time and money spent on gas. For a review of my favorites, read here.

Know the best days to buy gas

Many gas stations offer discounts on specific days of the week, so research your local stations to see when they offer the best prices.

Buy gift cards for gas.

If you’re planning on buying fuel in the near future, consider buying a gift card from a gas station or grocery store with a discount. This is an easy way to save some money when filling up your tank.

For example, during the holiday season, our local Tops Markets will run a gift card promotion where you earn $10 for every 50 spent on gift cards.

Wholesale clubs sell their gift cards for less than face value year round. Finding gift cards for gas stations near you is worth taking a bit of time.

Take advantage of Gas Apps and sites offering cash back on fuel.

Some banks and credit cards offer rewards programs that give you money back when you fill up at certain gas stations, or apps like GasBuddy can help you find the lowest prices in your area.

There are many ways to save money on your next gas fill up. Whether you use a gas rewards app, find the cheapest gas station near you, or utilize coupon codes and discounts.

With these strategies in mind, you can save money on your next trip to the pump.

Happy and economical driving!

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