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Best Things to Buy After Christmas For Cheap

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I’ve worked in retail for a long time. Both of my parents still work in retail.  You start to see the trend of shoppers after Christmas and take note of some of the best things to buy after Christmas because they are the lowest price. 

Cheaper than if you bought BEFORE Christmas. So let’s take a look at the top 6 items you should consider purchasing after Christmas. 

Remember the day after Christmas is a busy shopping day. You will have a better selection for all the candy, decor and Christmas selection the day after BUT if you wait two days after Christmas you will get a better discount. 

It’s a gamble. I shop all three days in a row. If there is something I absolutely LOVE or had my eye on all season and it’s 50% off I grab it. I will head on back to Target or BJs again when items go 70% off. The selection is slim but there are great deals. 

I’ve started shopping more after Christmas in stores than on Black Friday. Now with the Black Friday crazy you can get all the same deals online days before Thanksgiving. ( We have all the Black Friday ads here for you to scan and shop from.)


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Christmas Everything

This is the one everyone is probably like of course! Just a reminder to try and AVOID buying Christmas decor, lights and all that BEFORE the actual holiday. Nowadays Christmas clearance starts BEFORE the actual day. It always does at BJs and I’m sure it will again this year. 

If you need to update any of your garland, lights, or trees you will score a deal the day after Christmas.  From working at Target, the day after Christmas continues to be very busy, especially for returns. 

You will also want to get there early. 


Just like the car lot, new furniture starts rolling in around February.  The old furniture must go. This is when shoppers will see furniture for a lot less. 

Gym Memberships

I still crack up at how many of us get gym memberships in January. Maybe it’s not about a resolution it’s about the cheap price! Many gyms will offer discounts in January.

The YMCA frequently waives the joining fee, Planet Fitness runs specials like joining for a $1. Keep your eye on the local gym’s websites to see what special they are offering. 

Recently I signed up for the YMCA newsletter and we got a 50% off our membership for a whole year. Totally worth it when cold weather lasts for six months here.

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Gift Sets

Now is the time to grab a gift set for next year. Or grab them while they are cheaper for bridal showers, neighbors, or teacher’s gifts. Having a couple of extra gift sets in your closet is a great way to save money.

Every retailer who carries these will have these on sale after Christmas.  Yes, that includes BJs! 

Did you see these tips?

Winter Apparel

Retailers most likely have extra inventory after the Holiday craze and will be discounting the leftovers. Typically you see great sales at Kohl’s, JCPenney, Target and others. 

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Baking Supplies

If you need extra sprinkles, red hots grab those AFTER Christmas for your next cookie decorating party. After Christmas is a great time to shop your grocery stores. I love Jan. and February for grocery shopping because many frozen foods are on a deep discount and we see more coupons. 

Grocery stores need to get rid of all that extra holiday baking stuff so you can grab it for cheap now and use again all year long or store it away for next year. 

What are some items you always find yourself buying after Christmas?


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