Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup


This post is to inspire you to look for affordable farmhouse decor at retailers you may have passed on by. This roundup includes how I used the pieces in our farmhouse and prices. 

I have been sharing bits and pieces of the awesome decor pieces I’ve found at Big Lots on social media and many people said they had no idea Big Lots carried this type of stuff. If you are new here I basically started my blogging journey because of always finding deals – everywhere I go. It’s either just me or the deals are everywhere you just need to be aware.

I thought it would be fun to do roundups once or twice a month of farmhouse decor finds from your not so average retailers! I did end up getting a few things on clearance as well. My top favorite places to go for home decor- Big Lots, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods.

If you follow me on Instagram I posted a couple of these the day I bought them!


If anything this post will have you running to your local Big Lots! 

Did you know we started a Farm Life Vlog? Be sure to join us especially since I have started our Kitchen Reno and my husband is building a barn!


I found this piece at Home Goods and there weren’t too many available. This was $25 and it does have glass on the sides except for the front door which opens.


I have a green theme going on in the living room now for Spring. With a touch of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout.


This is one of my favorite clearance finds for the month of March. Big Lots had these in February at a full price of $12 and although I loved it, it takes me a lot of consideration in purchasing something full price. I walked on by.

When I went back earlier this month there was only one and it was marked down to $8! I’ll take it. It’s so pretty and now seeing it, it’s totally worth the $12. Something so pretty that will last for years, as long as your children don’t pick at it. ( My daughter Kenzie LOVES flowers and she may have picked one little thing off!)

Big Lots has a rewards program you can sign up for and receive offers in your email for extra percentage off days. They also run sales on their seasonal home decor before the actual holiday at 40% off.


This is a new line at Big Lots ( hurry to get yours!) and I did end up buying these at the full price of $12 because of the dried floral arrangement deal last time. I had extra money in our budget so I knew that it was okay and $12 is a good price. I did only buy one and then realized a week later I needed two.

I just love the look of wood and metal combined.

Do you keep failing at your budget? It may be because you’re doing one of these 11 things?

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

The table runner you see I picked up at Walmart on clearance for $7! I couldn’t be in love with it more. I had just looked at Target the day before and runners were around $20 and that is just too much for me.

$7 is a no-brainer deal.

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

I can picture these little tins outside on the front porch filled with colorful flowers! That is my plan and it’s still so cold here, snow in the forecast for April! Booo..  See that red tag over to the right? That is what you want to look for at Big Lots. These were on clearance for under $5!

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

What would you put in these metal storage bins?

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

So when I only see one of something and I know it’s a need I’ll think it over for about five minutes ( there are always three questions I ask myself before a purchase here) and buy it at full price.

This adorable mason jar was $9.99 at Big Lots. Really though, my metal one from our wedding ( 10 years ago in June!) could be put down. Sometimes you just forget there are rust spots on it, the $10 was well worth it. It has taken me awhile to get this far with my spending friends. When things are so tight and you have only one income coming in, you learn quickly to put aside things that aren’t a need.

I’m so thankful for my blogging business and thinking three times before I purchase items.



I’m a sucker for these wooden flower arrangements that have been out for a few years now. This one got me because of the base. It was $9.99 at Big Lots and a full price purchase. Three would have been ideal in my cabinet for decor but I couldn’t justify $30 for this. One will do and I love it.

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

My string lights may not look as appealing during the day but with the door closed you don’t really see it and it is so pretty at night. Totally recommend the string lights. Yes, I got those at Big Lots too around Christmas time.

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

The last find in this farmhouse roundup. The wood and metal look again. I will warn you that these baskets are not straight so if that sort of thing bothers you, skip this one.  I grabbed this at Big Lots as well and can NOT remember how much it was. I know it was under $10. I think it was $7 but not 100% positive. I thought of this post after I threw out my receipts.

Big Lots Farm House Decor Roundup

I put in some fake flowers, for now, if you have an idea for me with the basket I would love to hear it.

If you like clearance finds I have a series every Friday where I find an entire outfit for less! You can view it here. 

That concludes my farmhouse decoration roundup friends! What is your favorite store to shop at for affordable farmhouse finds?




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