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5 Gifts Every Co Worker Wants For the Office

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If you work in an office or any similar setting, you’re probably going to want to keep relations between you and your coworkers positive. If you aren’t getting along with them, it can decrease productivity and you’ll be uncomfortable being around them for hours at a time. And nobody wants that.

When Christmas comes around, you can bolster your coworker’s spirits with some gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face. These ideas are also great options for anyone who works at home.

I know I am asking for a little desktop garden this year.

If your coworker likes to decorate their space a lot, a simple message board could help them spruce it up. There are plenty of different styles on Amazon to fit their personality. I’m a sucker for all things farmhouse style.

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You can get message boards with a backlit wall and a big supply of letters that will stick to the surface, so they can make little inspirational messages on it and change it whenever they feel like it. It can really add some fun to a typical desk space.

Your coworker might be a bit more of the artsy type, and if so, then a sand art piece would be something they could always enjoy. With sand art, you can flip it around like an hourglass and create a new piece of art whenever you want, or just keep it however you’ve found it if that’s what you prefer.


Bringing lunch to the office can be a bit of a hassle, since the containers tend to take up a lot of space. If your coworker struggles with lugging around all those lunch containers, get them some collapsible lunch containers.

These will expand to fit all of the food they need, then collapse and nest inside one another after they’re done to save tons of space. It can get a little bit uncomfortable sitting at a desk chair all day.

One of the dangers of it is poor circulation in your legs. The typical sitting position doesn’t really allow for good blood flow, and that could cause some leg pain in the long run.

You can get your coworker a good adjustable footrest for them to keep under their desk, allowing them to sit in comfort and have good blood flow at the same time.

For the coworker with a green thumb, a little desktop garden could brighten their mood quite a bit. This is such a cute idea and I’m adding it to my list right now!

They require minimal maintenance, and come with a nice little UV light so that they can still thrive even without sunlight. Adding that little bit of life can brighten a space and the mood of your fellow coworkers.

I hope these gift ideas will help you get a thoughtful gift for your coworker this year.

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