How to cut expenses from your budget

6 Silly Things to Cut From your Budget to Save Money

Did you realize if you can cut back $10 a day, you’ll save $300 a month?! That’s $3,600 a year! If you start looking at the small daily expenses you will find immediate ways to save money.
The purchases we don’t think twice about because they are only $2 or $3 a time. 
Figure out how much extra you need per month. Is it a $100, $200 or more? If you need an extra $100 a month you need to save or stop spending $3.33 each day for 30 days.  When you break down spending amounts daily, it’s easier to achieve. 
A smaller number always makes us excited when it comes to saving. 
Figure out how long it will take you to save up the money you need for your financial goal.
It could be as little as $100 a month for six months. The $600 could pay off a chunk of debt.

6 Things to Cut From Your Budget Today

Ready to Drink Beverages

This means coffee at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin even the gas station.  Alcoholic beverages at dinner. Even buying beer from the store is a place to cut back.  Soda, energy drinks,  bottled water can all be cut out from your grocery list.

When you are buying things that may only cost $2 at a time, you are thinking you aren’t spending a lot. When you look at your budget and see that you bought two energy drinks five days a week at $3 each you just spent $15 on drinks. That’s $60 a month which can easily be your cable bill or cell phone bill. 

Anything that is a drink prepared for you- is not a need and can be cut from the budget.


If you figure kids haircuts are an average of $20 and a woman’s cut is around $40-$50 and Dad squeaks by at $20.  A family of five at this price is $130 and do you go every three months? That is $520 a year on haircuts.

If you have boys you can buy an affordable buzzer and give them a cut yourself. Youtube videos are all over teaching you how to cut your kids hair.

Even if you can’t afford your regular stylist you could take the chance at Supercuts for $11 on average plus a tip, still this is an expense you can cut out while you catch up on bills/ debt. Go longer between cuts if you can’t DIY. 

Pre-made foods

If you need to save money fast, eliminating going out to eat should be number one, but that’s not that silly is it? It’s obvious. If you decide to not eat out for an entire month you may be tempted to buy the prepacked dinner meals at your grocery store.

Skip it. That premade lasagna costs you $15 and you can make it at home for less.  Depending on your family size you may even get two meals out of it.

There are always deals on noodles and pasta sauce. Challenge yourself to make any meal you would normally buy at the store this month. 

You don’t need any fancy recipe books, just internet access because there are an insane amount of amazing recipes to make anything you need online.

Can I say hello Pinterest?! 

( Follow my Frugal Meal Planning board here)

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Get Rid of Services

Any type of lawn care, snow removal get rid of. You may think you don’t have the time, but if you make saving money a priority you will find the time. Give it a shot to do it yourself.

If you physically can’t do it, see if a neighbor or a teenager can pick up one of the services you are paying for yourself.

Trash collection is another one. Call around and see if there is a cheaper one.  I was surprised to do this myself and find out we had several different options. Look into taking your trash to the town/city recycle center.

The average in our area is $1.50- $2 a bag. This can be cheaper for those who don’t have a ton of garbage. This cost is usually less than the price of paying for a trash removal service.

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Get Rid of Extra Prime Services

You may not realize all those free trials you signed up for are still on your Prime Account. In fact, you may be able to get rid of your Prime Membership all together. Should you really be buying all those items through Amazon prime, to begin with?

Really look at the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership and figure out if it is worth the extra cost. When you add on extras like the Showtime channel, or even prime Pantry you pay for it.

There is a good chance it is not worth the extra cost at this time while you are trying to pay down debt or catch up on bills.

You can watch so many shows on Youtube for free. Netflix is a cheaper alternative to cable and even prime. Do you need an audible subscription? Go through your prime account and cancel any extra services.

Go through all your extra streaming services and see if cable may be cheaper.

Then write down the services from Amazon you use daily. Is it worth the cost of $119 a year? 

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Pet Treats/Salon Visits

Yes, your sweet little one can go a month or two or three without a special treat. If you just can’t be that cheap, again pull up Pinterest and search for homemade recipes to make your pet something special.  Forget taking them to get groomed you can do this yourself.

Utilize that bathtub and shampoo!

I encourage you to strive to save $10 a day. Whether it’s from one of the above items mentioned or getting creative to things you can save in your own home. If you have an extra $3,600 today where would it go?

Remember to always visualize where every dollar is going and to keep your eye on the prize! Your end financial goal.


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