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How to Overcome the Pain of Paying Off Debt

Every once in a while it surfaces. So and so will share with me how they are going to Disney, in the dead of winter. I imagine for a sweet second being able to feel the sunshine again. I could care less about the characters rides and magic, I’m feeling the want of being in the sun.

My daughters will come home and tell me how so and so is on vacation this week. I’ll feel it there again. Is it sadness? Jealousy? I’m not quite sure.
All it takes for it to surface in the summer is to log on to Facebook or Instagram. #familyvacation #besttripever #makingmemories.

I’ll shut my phone down or close my laptop. It doesn’t matter.
All that matters is my goal. MY drive. And the constant painful reminders from others we are paying off our mortgage.

It’s not a when we have extra money we will do this. It’s a no, we are all in.
Does it take a certain kind of personality? I don’t know.
I do know it takes determination, self-control and a partner.

I’m not so sure if I was a single mother my motivation to pay the mortgage off would be the same. The truth is we don’t even need to go down a path like that because that is not my situation.

When you are trying to pay off your mortgage and you’re not rich, you have to make sacrifices.

Seeing others live out what for our family right now is a sacrifice can be hard.


I tell myself there is a good chance they are using credit cards to pay for their trip. 

I tell myself there will be plenty of meltdowns on that trip that may be putting them into debt. 

When I scroll through social media ( which I really try not to do much at all) I will pray for the family right on the spot.

I know, everyone loves to share the good stuff on social media. I also know there could be some deep hurts and pain going on behind the scene too.

Praying changes the I to we.

I pray and read the bible.

When it comes to achieving any goal you made, especially one you feel God has called you to do, it is going to take effort to turn away from your selfish desires.

It’s hard to admit especially I find for myself as a mother I’m being selfish. Yet there are plenty of ways I’m seeking a big fat I.

If you are paying off a mortgage early, or paying off credit cards, or seeking to restore a marriage or friendship, don’t lose sight of the end goal.

When you are in a moment of despair or weakness, use it to write down and remember what are the truths right now in your life.

Look at how far you have already come to walking towards that goal.

Maybe you have already paid an extra $100 on a bill.

Maybe you got rid of your cable and cut that bill in half.

The key to success and achieving our goals, is it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the journey we experience the path we take to get there that allows us to become the better version. Our best self.

The one God sees us as, knows us as and wants to guide us to.

Do Not Give Up. Your goals are important. The fight is worth it. You are more than enough.

You got this. And So Do I.

Cause Me To Hear Your Loving- Kindness in the morning, for on You I Do Lean and in You I Do Trust. Cause me to know the way wherin I Should Walk, for I lift up my inner self to you. – Psalm 143:8

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.