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5 Easy Plants to Grow From Seed for Fall Harvest

Towards the end of summer, you can start seeds indoors or even out in your garden for what we call a Fall Harvest. For me, beginning seeds to grow my produce is the most cost-effective.

Every year I’m still amazed that you can grow at least 20 plants per pack for less than $4 and many for even less than $2. I like to start my seeds indoors, but I also throw a few seeds in my garden towards the end of summer.

The beauty or challenge of gardening is you never know what really might happen. I always buy my seeds when the sales are the best in the spring. I buy organic seeds, but you can buy whatever fits your budget. Many stores will still have seeds available throughout the entire summer season.

I would say that over the past ten years, I have had success every time I have started these plants as seeds.

Below are five plants that are easy to grow for a Fall Harvest.

easy fall plants to grow for fall harvest


This is a great plant to start from seed for Fall Harvest.It sprouts quickly, and you can freeze it. My favorite thing to use cabbage is in my coleslaw and for corned beef and hash.

Cabbage raw has a bitter taste to it. I prefer to cook mine. I also grow a variety of cabbage for some appealing color and flavor in my coleslaw.

5 easy fall plants to grow for fall harvest

Acorn Squash

I do love all types of squash. This is a squash that has a lighter color inside with large seeds. Oh, do my chickens love these. This year they are growing like crazy!

I like to cut the squash into cubes and roast it with potatoes and onions on the grill! Yet this squash is perfect for leaving like a bowl and stuffing it.

So for thanksgiving dinner- you have yourself a winner. Once it’s cooked, it was a sweet, nutty flavor.


5 Easy Plants to Grow From Seed for Fall Harvest

Spaghetti Squash

Oh, the tender squash. This one is great to use on top of pasta dishes. Think of angel hair pasta, a similar texture to this squash. It has a tender and chewy texture.

It will absorb the flavors of whatever you put on it. Some even use it like pasta, adding their favorite sauce on top.


You can grow such a variety of lettuce. My favorite ones are romaine and butter lettuce. I like the tall crispy leaves.

A tip when growing lettuce is to cut from the outside leaves. This will keep your planting growing longer—nothing like a salad with your farm-fresh hard-boiled eggs for lunch.

easy seeds to grow for fall harvest


One year I accidentally planted radishes in my window boxes, and they did great! It worked out because they added height and texture to my flower box. It would be best if you kept them moist. I love growing these because you don’t have to wait so long. In as little as 21 days, they are ready.

If you’re looking to jump on your fall garden, planting some of these seeds is the perfect way to do it. Not only will you have fresh produce to enjoy all autumn long, but you’ll also be getting a head start on next year’s garden. So what are you waiting for? Start planting!

What do you enjoy planting from seed for Fall harvest? 

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Nalini Mungapen

Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Superb. All that I plant do not grow well as I water them only not putting any compost. What should I do. all my plants remain small and then die.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.