cook frozen chicken in ninja foodi

Can You Put Frozen Chicken in Ninja Foodi?

Can You Put Frozen Chicken in Ninja Foodi?

I was skeptical about cooking an entire frozen chicken in the Ninja Foodi. The pot looks so small how could it pressure cook a frozen chicken in just 20 minutes?

I shared my experience with a frozen whole chicken in the Ninja Foodi here and today I want to share with you how I cooked this frozen chicken breast pack in the Foodi.

I’ll let you in on a secret in case you’re short on time, frozen chicken does work in the Foodi, you just can’t put a chunk like this in.

For the whole chicken frozen it takes longer than 20 minutes. I’ve included a quick video below for you.

frozen chicken, ninja foodi tips

When we process our own chickens I do all the packaging, and now having a Ninja Foodi, I may separate my chicken thighs, breasts and wings better!

I don’t think it was necessarily the Ninja Foodi’s fault on this one. It was my packaging but after having tried another frozen thighs in the Foodi, frozen chicken isn’t my favorite.

I would rather let the meat thaw in the fridge and then cook in the Foodi.

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frozen chicken, ninja foodi tips

What happened with this frozen chunk of chicken was a disaster. I cooked it for 10 more minutes and it was slightly better. I decided to air fry it for 13 minutes.

The whole cooking time was over 40 minutes. The kids were starving I was angry. The chicken didn’t taste good guys. I ended up using it in BBQ Chicken Quesadillas the next day which was better.

The chicken came out tough. I also remember this was the first time we didn’t let our chicken meat rest after butchering day.

When we butcher our own birds we let the meat rest in the fridge for 24 hours.

This time we had more meat on our hands and figured we would let it rest longer in the fridge. You can watch a video on the process of butchering our own chickens here.

For a super fun way to spice up your Ninja check out all these adorable Ninja Foodi wraps for it! Yes’ I’m in love.

I forgot about this important tip because I was excited to cook my frozen chicken in the Ninaj Foodi.

Maybe the meat would have been tender if I let it rest. For us with our meat birds the Ninja Foodi isn’t my friend for frozen cooking.

Maybe next Spring after the new batch of birds, I’ll keep the meat in the fridge 24 hours instead!

Can you Cook Frozen Chicken in Ninja?

My short answer is you can, but it takes a longer and it doesn’t taste as good. I would rather let the entire chicken thaw and cook on the grill. The Foodi is great for cooking smaller portions of meat frozen.

I did make another attempt later in the week. This time I let the meat thaw a little to be able to pull the meat apart when I placed it on the rack.

frozen chicken, ninja foodi tips

I added Honey Mustard to it before I air fried and it was delicious.

I recommend being abet to put frozen chicken in the Foodi when it is separated. Not in a big chunk!

frozen chicken, ninja foodi tips

What has been your experience with cooking frozen chicken in the Ninja Foodi?


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