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45 Fun & Frugal Things to Do In Spring


Here in Western New York, our winters can be long. Quite long. We ache to get the windows open and sit outside just to catch some sun. If you’re left overwhelmed with what to do for frugal spring activities this year check out the list below. There are 45 things to do on a budget that will keep you and your family entertained. Pick one to do each day and you will have a whole month planned out.

Many of these activities can carry you through to summer activities too.


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frugal-spring-activities fun


  1. Start a vegetable garden

  2. Sidewalk chalk challenge

  3. Visit every park in your neighborhood and only stay at each one for 20 minutes

  4. Check Groupon or local business for Zoo passes

  5. Eat lunch in the backyard with a blanket and umbrella

  6. Visit local farms and look for spring babies ( Lollipop Farm is FREE!)

  7. Let the kids wash your vehicles

  8. Set up a sprinkler

  9. Visit Free Craft/Art Shows

  10. Let the kids out to explore your backyard or park and see how many bugs they can catch and find. Use any recycled plastic container you already have

  11. Bike Rides on a nearby trail

  12. Make a lemonade stand and see how much money you make

  13. Have the kids use a bubble gun! ( So much easier for the little ones- no spilling)

  14. Buy $1 Unscented Shaving Cream from Dollar Tree, add food coloring to it and give the kids a paintbrush to paint the trees

  15. Make your own Hummingbird mix

  16. Visit a local conservation site ( Here in our area Genesee County Park has one)

  17. Play outside in the rain with an umbrella

  18. Make a swing from an old tire, or out of pallets

  19. Have the kids gather up items they want to sell at a yard sale.

  20. Borrow books from the library

  21. Attend local free concerts in your area

  22. Have a Bonfire and have the kids make up a new Smore tradition. Last year we tried Peanut Butter on our S’mores yum!

  23. Set up a tent and go camping in the backyard

  24. Have the ultimate dance party! We use Amazon Prime music and Kids Bop here we come. Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial45 Fun & Frugal Things to Do In Spring

  25. Movie night with popcorn bar for those rainy evenings. Grab different types of popcorn and set up on a table for the family to choose from.

  26. Go Fishing

  27.  Fill a bucket outside and add dish soap and have the kids wash up the spring Toys

  28. Paint Rocks and leave them around town- could add an encouragement to each one

  29. Pick Early Flowers and place in a vase inside

  30. Dig for Worms

  31. Attend Local School concerts

  32. Plant Fruit Trees

  33. Print Free Coloring Sheets Online and Color

  34. Visit a local nursery and see how many plants you can identify

  35.  Make up a story with cloud characters. Look at the clouds and share what animal they look like

  36. Family Game Night

  37. Fly a Kite

  38. Read outside & and then Google Activities to go with the book

  39. Make a bird Feeder Using Peanut Butter Bird Seed and bagels

  40. Freeze Flowers and Have Sensory Play ( tip to here)

  41. Hopscotch

  42. Jump Rope- Even Double Dutch!

  43. Make Daisy Chains

  44. Make A Family Time Capsule and bury someplace in your yard/garden.

  45. Make a Fairy Garden


Have a great spring!


What activities would you add to the list?


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