dollar general summer clearance

My 90% Off Dollar General Summer Clearance


Friends, if you haven’t shopped Dollar General yet, let this post encourage you to jump on board.

They have great clearance events where you don’t need a stack of coupons. I’m excited for all the clearance in stores lately, so much I don’t even bother shopping thrift stores anymore.

This week Dollar General has 90% off Summer/Spring items. We always try to hit up at least two stores to get the goods. This is a small haul but I’ve been getting better at not going overboard on clearance.

Watch the video below or scroll for the written items.

My 90% Off Dollar General Summer Clearance

Here’s what I got.

10 Seed Packets

3 Flower Pollinator Mixes

1 Sequin Frisbee

2 Paddle ball sets

1 Outdoor Welcome Mat

3 Trivets

1 Box

1 Mini Garden Flag Stand

1 Crest Toothpaste- clip $1 off coupon pay $0.25

Total was just under $4!

If you are new to shopping Dollar General be sure to download their app and use the scan option for items. Clip the online coupons in the app and then when you go to checkout you enter your phone number so the coupons come off.

Whoo hoo what a fun trip! I love getting stuff for under 20 cents!


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