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20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, a housewarming party, or some other reason – when you’re buying a gift for the home for your mother, significant other, parents, or someone else, there are plenty of gifts to choose from!

Home decor is one of my favorite things to buy for myself and others. I love spending time in our home and want it to bring joy.

There are gifts for every room of the house to make life more pleasant and to transform the home from a sterile environment to one that is tranquil, organized, and pleasing.

Some gifts will be decorative, while others will improve the functionality of the room.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

Here are the Top 20 Home Gift Ideas


When it comes to giving a gift for the bedroom, you may not want to invest in something that’s a personal choice, like sheets or bedding. That’s because each individual had personal preferences for that.

White Noise Machine

But what you can do is give a gift that enhances the quality of sleep that the recipient gets. One product anyone would love is the LectroFan white noise machine by Adaptive Sound Technologies.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

This machine helps drown out small noises that distract someone as they try to drift off. It has 20 varying styles of sounds along with a sleep timer. It comes in a variety of colors and not only has fan sounds, but aside from white noise, also has pink and brown noise options.

The person using it can set the volume to their desired preference at night and can use it during the daytime, too – if they need it to help them concentrate during work or studying.

Alarm Clock wake up light system

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

You can also get them a gift like the LBell Alarm Clock that features a wake-up light system, where it simulates a sunrise. It also includes an FM radio. The sunrise feature begins and when the sun has risen fully, the regular a then goes off.

The gift recipient can reverse the process, too – setting the clock to stimulate sunset, where the music and lighting dims as they drift off to sleep. They can set more than one alarm for weekdays and one for weekends, if they want.

Living Room

Massage Recliner

If you’re buying a gift for the living room, you may want to consider something that adds extra comfort and appeal to this room, such as an Amazon Recliner with Massager. This chair is heated and swivels for the person using it.

It has an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort. The person sitting in it can also use it as a rocking chair. The chair is made with artificial leather and it’s soft and durable.

There’s thick padding for the seat, back and armrest, along with a couple of cupholders, too. The chair has a set of four storage bags on it, where they can put magazines, newspaper or whatever else they want to have near them.

And at the end of a long day they can relax and use the remote control to set up a soothing massage with as much or as little intensity as they desire.

Essential Oil Diffuser

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

Another item that makes a great gift for the living room is a beautiful essential oil diffuser and humidifier by Ominihome. This is an aromatherapy dispenser that has a variety of timer settings and misting preferences, along with seven beautiful, glowing light options.

It can run for 18 hours at a time and is a soothing addition to any living room environment. It’s a nice environmentally friendly product with good safety features, like an automatic shut off.

Your gift recipient can use it to eliminate odors, help keep the room comfortable, and more. They can use it in any room, not just the living room. And the misting settings can be controlled for high mist or lower ones.

Pair it with my favorite way to get quality essential oils for cheap here.

Entryway and Laundry

Many people love to receive gifts for their entryway. It’s the first thing people notice about their homes.

Organizer Shelf

A wall mounted shelf that has hooks and baskets would be a great choice.

A company called HBCY makes a handcrafted solid wooden one that looks rustic and beautiful.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

It’s an organizer that has five coat hooks and cubbies. People can use this in other areas of the house, too. Their guests can hang coats, purses, leashes and more on the hooks and use the baskets for keys, wallets, or other belongings that want to grab on the way out the door.

This is a great way to help your gift recipient declutter their home and add some gorgeous décor to it, too. Another gift you might consider is one for the laundry area.

Some people need help tackling the large amount of laundry they have.

Check out what to buy AFTER Christmas for the best deal or gifts.

Folding Board

If you know someone who could use a gift for their laundry area, you might want to consider buying them a BoxLegend shirt folding board for quickly folding t-shirts, pajamas, pants and more.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

This neat little tool makes folding a snap – and in just 3 simple steps, which take 3 seconds, the clothing is folded perfectly. This is a great tool to teach kids to use if they’re helping with the laundry.

Dining Room

Dinnerware set

If you want to go with a gift for the dining room, then you might want to invest in a simple, elegant dinnerware set from Amazon Basics. This beautiful, white set includes 18 pieces of dishes and bowls for up to six people.

It’s a porcelain dinnerware set that’s BPA-free and lightweight. The color and design make it perfect for your gift recipient, regardless of their current décor, because it assimilates well with anything.

This dinnerware is dishwasher-safe and very durable. They can also put it int the microwave or oven, or store it in the fridge or freezer for leftovers, if they want to. They’ll get six 10 ½ inch plates, 7 ½ inch dessert plates, and 5 ½ inch bowls.

Dining Table

Want to splurge a bit on a bigger gift for the dining room? How about a modern, luxurious-looking dining table with a glass top and four chairs by Bonnlo? The chairs are black and made of artificial leather, so they’re very stylish.

This elegant dining room set can match any décor, and it will last your gift recipient a long time, thanks to the way it’s constructed. The steel is heavy-duty and rust resistant.

It’s been powder coated to last longer, too. This set would be perfect for someone on your list who has a small space, like an apartment, breakfast nook or other limited areas.


You can buy a couple of gifts for someone who wants something for their bathroom. Of course, you can always go with design elements, like a new set of bath rugs, shower curtains, etc.

But those are more personal tastes. Why not give them something that they can appreciate for other reasons?

Touchless Soap Dispenser

Like the touchless automatic soap dispenser by Secura? This is a battery-operated or electric dispenser with a volume control for how much soap is distributed.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

Your gift recipient can house up to 17 ounces of liquid soap in this dispenser and either place it on the counter or mount it on the wall. It’s a chrome and black design, with a clear holder for the soap itself. An infrared sensor tells it when to dispense the soap.


Another good idea for a bathroom gift is a scale. There’s a great body weight scale that measures up to 440 pounds by Etekcity and it has a backlit LCD screen so it’s easy to read.

home gift ideas 2019

This scale is very durable and sturdy and is easy to clean. Known for its accuracy, the precision sensor can give an instant reading as soon as someone steps on the scale. There’s also a free body tape measuring device included with the purchase so they can measure inches as well as pounds.

Kids’ Room and Nursery

If you’re buying something for a child, you might think of a toy right off the bat. But there are some instances when you want to get something more functional for the room or for the child to have a better experience in that room.

Weighted Blanket

If you’re buying for a child who is out of a crib, you might want to gift them a weighted blanket made especially for their age group. The Hypnoser brand offers soft weighted blankets filled with glass beads.

home gift ideas 2019

This blanket feels like a nice hug as the child drifts off to sleep and it helps keep them asleep for longer periods of time. It’s a warm, quiet blanket that has a special design to evenly distribute the beads.

Sound Machine

If you’re buying a nursery item as a gift, you might want to give the recipient a Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. This is both a night light and wake up machine. For nighttime, in addition to the nightlight, it includes sounds that help a little one drift off to sleep.

home gift ideas 2019

They can use your phone to manage the brightness and volume on the machine. Or, program it for automated usage based on a schedule that you set. As the child grows, the machine grows with them, helping them learn how to rise on their own.

Home Office

If the person you’re buying a gift for has a home office, then there are a few items you might want to consider giving them, depending on their needs and your budget.

Standing Desk

Many people are loving the standing desk that gives them some mobility as they work and helps improve their fitness.

VIVO makes a height adjustable model that gives 36 inches of height to a desk the person already has. It’s built for anyone who want to employ the use of dual monitors, too.

home gift ideas 2019

The person using it can choose to sit or stand with the desk, and it will move quickly and effortlessly with them.

Swivel Back Chair

Another great gift idea for the home office is a high back swivel office chair. These executive chairs are nicely padded and decorative with black leather and pewter accents.

This gift will give your recipient a combination of comfort and ergonomic support that helps them feel good all day. The chair holds up to 275 pounds and can be adjusted for height.

Outdoor Living

There are many people who love to spend outside. So making that space enjoyable is a priority for them. If you have someone like that on your list, you have a couple of gift choices you can consider.

Outdoor Firepit

The first gift idea is for those cozy outdoor nights and it’s an outdoor firepit made of metal with a gorgeous design that’s perfect for a patio, garden area of backyard. This one is made by Yaheetech and it’s a square firepit that includes a spark screen, cover and poker for the logs.

home gift ideas 2019

Whether the person is entertaining or just enjoying a cool night outside, this fire pit is a safe option to have a beautiful fire that provides warmth to all who surround it. The pit is easy to keep clean and you can put the cover over it to prevent rusting.

Gas Grill

Another good outdoor gift might be a gas grill. Cuisinart makes a full sized, four-burner grill that puts out 44,000 BTUs of heat. Your gift recipient gets the cooking surface plus a nice warming rack.

home gift ideas 2019

It also has a set of heavy duty grates made of cast iron, along with a couple of side tables measuring 18 by 13 inches. There’s a nice stainless steel lid and a control panel to manage all of the cooking.

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If you want to buy a gift for someone who loves being in the kitchen, then there are two gift that everyone’s raving about this year.

Instant Pot Ultra

The first is the popular Instant Pot Ultra. This programmable cooker can be used as a crockpot, rice cooker, steamer or to do other things like make yogurt, eggs or even cake!

home gift ideas 2019

It will automatically adjust based on the altitude of the user and you can see the progress of the cooking through the visual progress bar. It’s the perfect gift for someone who needs most of the cooking process automated for them.

Air Fryer

Another good kitchen gift idea is an air fryer. These healthy cookers, like the one from COSORI, hello remove oil form the recipes and instead provide crispy, tasty food through a roasting process.

It comes with a nonstick cooking basket and there are 11 settings you can choose from when you want to make fried chicken, fried pickles, French fries or more! There are different sizes to choose from.

I personally love my air fryer and use it more than the microwave now.


If the person you’re buying for has a playroom for kids, there are two top gift ideas you may want to consider.


First, there’s the KidKraft bookcase that has a cozy little reading nook built in.

20 of the Best Home Gift Ideas

You can choose from several colors to match any decor – white, espresso and natural. There are built in storage areas that can house books, toys or other items and it’s made from sturdy composite wood.

Toy Organizer

Another great playroom gift would be a toy organizer. The Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer is a big one with 12 removable plastic bins nestled on the wooden holder. Kids can take a bin down, gather up their toys, and put it back easily.

home gift ideas 2019

This organizer is great for kids with many little toys and odds and ends. You have eight standard sized storage bins and four larger ones. It’s designed with a multi-color appeal, so it’s great for both boys’ and girls’ rooms.

There are many gift ideas for the home. When you’re considering buying one for someone you love, think about whichever room they’ve mentioned needing to spruce up, or a problem area they’re having – such as cooking disasters, lack of sleep, or disorganization, and go from there!


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