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What you Need to Do When Someone Steals from Your Farmstand

The thing with life for us is we tend to let our excitement lay out the path before us. We get caught up in a moment and go with the saying”We will figure it out as we go.”

What you Need to Do When Someone Steals from Your Farmstand

Sometimes in life that’s a great thing. Other times it can be troublesome. Or can it?
When we moved out to the country a year ago we brought our 6 chickens with us from the city.
We got a bit excited with the fact we have 11 acres and ended up with over 35 chickens.
So, of course, I saw a few others selling eggs in our town and figured we could too.
I have learned over and over with blogging, you can’t put eggs out and think they will sell right away.
Blogging is so much more than writing a post and sitting back waiting for people to read it.
We decided to put up some larger signs and get the word out.
It is very important when you start to sell eggs or any other goods at the road that you get to know the area around you.
I went under three weeks before I had my first sale. By the end of summer, I didn’t have enough eggs to keep up.
Part of that was thanks to those who were stealing.
I was in the living room vacuuming the living room rug quick to get rid of some of our German Shepard’s hair. Even though in 10 minutes it will be right back to where it was.
I saw an old yellow truck pull up blasting country music. A jolly older man stepped out singing away.
Hmm, I thought. The loud music the singing seemed okay but my gut told me something was off. I kept vacuuming and then realized he was on the stand a bit too long. We are only selling eggs.
I went into the office to tell my daughter I was going outside.
When I came back out I saw the man reach into his back pocket and then his hand got lost by the side of the farmstand. Looked like he dropped money into the can.
I went to get my shoes on and he pulled away. I walked right over to the stand and looked in the cooler and the eggs were gone. I had three dozen out there and saw two other people stop that morning.  I didn’t know at the time to grab the money out if you can after each customer.
I checked the money tin and everything was gone.
( We use a very miniature keg jar that was filled with nuts from Aldi- the top pops off.)
What got me the most was he pretended to pay.
It stirred a whole bunch of emotions in me. To the point I let my fear run wild thinking someone will come to the door and harm us.
I started thinking about security and a lock box and what not. I was ready to pull the stand down.
Granted it was a loss of $6- but it wasn’t about the money. It was the moral actions of a human being.
So the one thing many of us including myself forget to do before we make any big decision is praying. I got down and I prayed about it. I prayed for my fears of a new surrounding and a new thing we were doing. I gave all that to God.
I let him deal with it.
We decided after praying to keep our farm stand up. We used the fear that our kids had about a bad guy to give Glory to God. In these times our kids can trust in Jesus for protection, that is of course with practical steps in mind as well.
We have rules in place for the farmstand with the girls.
I’ve changed a few things too. Like always taking the money out when I can and never letting the kids go out to the stand alone.
It’s been two years now and I don’t have enough eggs a day for people and we haven’t had an incident since. We still use our can because we are frugal and the cost of a lockbox isn’t worth the $4 or $6 a day we receive.
We pray for the people who may really need the eggs or the money. We pray for them. Because these situations are not about us, they are about others and how they need to feel loved.
So there you have it. Our experience with theft at the farm stand.
Remember to assess the situation and pray for the person.


Things to Consider When Somone Steals from Your Stand

1. Is it worth it to purchase a lockbox?
2. Is it worth it to install Security camera?
3. Are you home to keep an eye on the stand and able to take money out asap?
4.  Is your farm stand open where others can see?
5.  Can you sell to friends, family and neighbors instead?
6.  Can you write a personal note sharing the importance of the honor system because this helps kee your farm going?
If you are selling eggs as a hobby consider what we did. 

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Tuesday 28th of May 2019

So, I understand that this is more about principle and the honor system... but realistically a lockbox costs 10 bucks. That's two days profit for peace of mind and getting back all of your time making trips out to empty the box. I also questioned if it was worth the investment when your only bringing in a few bucks a day, but I think the answer is yes it is.


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

Hi Julie, I haven't found any lock boxes for $10 otherwise I would have gotten one. If you have a link for one I would love it. We don't put eggs out at the stand for profit so to speak. When we have extra eggs they go out :)


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

We too have a farm stand. It is on the honor system and we have had some theft with our produce as well. Our reactions were similar to yours. We decided to keep going and for forty years we have been doing great in spite of the few that we say maybe needed it and couldn’t afford it. We offer a prayer each time we are aware of the missing items. Maybe it was Gods way of telling us we helped someone in need. We have been blessed and trust God in all his goodness.


Thursday 9th of November 2017

I love that you said maybe it was Gods way of telling us we helped someone in need. I love hearing you have been going for so long. We were almost ready to close it up, but so glad we haven't. Thanks for stopping by.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.