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Inspiration To Keep Going With Your Blog

Are you ready to give up your blog? Did you hope people would just flock to your writing? Are you feeling torn because you thought the Lord has called you to blogging but your numbers, growth, and money says otherwise?

Let me ask you this one very important question if you are a Christian blogger-

Are you going to the Right Source for Help with Blogging?


I have been blogging for just a wee bit over 4 years. I knew nothing when I started.

I took one web design class in college that my colleague and I googled our way through of copying and pasting code.

I didn’t apply any of it. The past two years I have spent learning and applying. I thought about sharing my income reports to show others you can make it. Everyone seems to be dipping their toes in the blogging world and everyone who has been blogging and soaking in success are sharing how they did it.

Yet my soul is just not wanting to share monetary things at this time because the one thing that has held me back the most in the past two years is the comparison.

The comparison is such a dangerous suit to wear as a blogger and so many aspects of our lives. Yet I want to have you here as a blogger to be encouraged. Will you stop and take a minute to think you are here on purpose reading this post, on purpose?

The fastest way to lose gratitude is to comparison. Were you fine with your blog until you saw you could make $10,000?

If you are thinking about giving up your blog because your page views are NOT where you want them to be, hear this.

Are you getting any page views a day? Those page views are not just a number on a screen. They are a person. Unless you haven’t checked your Google Analytics and blocked out the spammers. 

“If you started your blog and you know the Lord has asked you to blog- then those page views are souls you are saving.”


As Christians, we have a very serious job to do, and that’s to share the good news with others. It truly amazes me the time we are living in with being able to make a living and/or save people’s lives through our blogs.

To change someone’s life is powerful.

Do you think you are changing someone’s life with your blog?

If you are down in the dumps about your page views- is your life changing because of your blog?
help with blogging

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My Blogging Testimony

Five years ago I was ending the first year of staying home with our first baby and doing everything I could to make ends meet. We went down an income and my husband’s job was just barely cutting it. I researched everything I could about ways for us to cut back so I could stay home.

I won’t give the details now how we paid off our all our debt except for our mortgage and now have a 10-year plan to pay off our new farmhouse mortgage, but I can tell you coupons changed everything for me.

I started learning how to coupon and started getting the nudge to create a coupon blog.

I was following a few local blogs in the area and decided to give it a try.

After two years of blogging and not knowing anything completely self-taught, as many bloggers are I was receiving 20,000 page views and making a part-time income working part-time hours.

I scored my own Money Matters column in our local newspaper which as a Journalism major the meeting of being offered the position was and will always be one I enjoy looking back on.

I had random people coming up to me telling me how much my blog has saved them money.

I spoke a couple of times at Mops because of the knowledge I was sharing on my blog.

Yet I wanted more. I wanted more page views because blogs who were only 9 months old were getting 50,000 pageviews a month.

I forgot to blog for God. I stopped praying for my blog to change someone’s life. I kept searching for what other bloggers said retired their husbands. I tried to make my own path.

Now two years later I’m making it a priority to seek God instead of searching on my own. Everything is coming into place just the way it should be.

The Number One Thing Christian Bloggers Must Do

If you are a Christian blogger the number one thing you need to do when you feel discouraged and want to give up is to pray.

How many times have you asked for someone to pray for you and you haven’t prayed about it yourself?

Ask God to direct you. Pray over your blogs. Ask him what he has for you and your blog today.

We are weak, but you are so very strong! 1 Corinthians 4:10

We need help- lots of it.  Especially when it comes to help with blogging. The great thing is we can google our hearts out and get free advice on blogging, or even spend $100s of dollars on books and e-courses.

But Jeremiah 10:23 says,”the way of a man is not in himself; it is not in man- even in a strong man or in a man at his best- to direct his own steps.”

It is impossible for us to run our own life. Admitting this is not a weakness, it is a sign of spiritual maturity.

We become weak when we don’t find our strength in God. Remember not everything that appears well is well. The thing to remember with the internet is how many people exaggerate or are completely dishonest.

Do you really know that so and so made $10,000 in affiliate sales? We don’t. Unless they are showing us the receipts we don’t. We also don’t know if they have a crazy amount of debt or have extended family members living with them they are providing for. We also don’t know how content their souls are or how good their relationships are with real people.

If you are trying hard to make things work out right and always failing, your problem is not that YOU ARE A FAILURE. Your problems are that you haven’t gone to the right source for help.

Stop comparing.

Stop looking at the income reports.

Stop your will.

Do This Today For Instant Encouragement

List 5 things you are grateful for in your business.

Recognize the good and refuse to compare.

Blog for the Lord and your blog will change your life. God gives us the desires of our hearts. It’s the whole reason I started this blog.

I can honestly say after two years I wouldn’t have thought I would have tried my hand at three blogs. I would have NEVER thought that running a site about deals at BJ’s Wholesale club would be the one providing an income.

I have always imagined living on a farm and writing my heart’s content- but I didn’t actually believe it would happen.

It’s happening. The only way to keep it happening is to go to the right source when I’m feeling like giving up. When I feel my own worth isn’t good enough because I forgot to go to the right source.

You are the only you. When you are seeking God and obeying instead of searching on your own that is all that you need to be encouraged and reminded to keep on blogging.

Fill up in the truth of the Lord and he will direct you where you need to go.

Blogging isn’t oversaturated, in fact, I think it’s truly just starting to soar- just like you. It’s okay to need help with blogging, you’ll find your answers when you go to the right source.

Keep Learning. 

Remember you are taking one step towards a greater victory.

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Friday 26th of October 2018

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! I really needed the reminder to trust in God instead of in my GA. Really, it's amazing the timing on this- I was feeling so tempted to spend all my earnings on a course to get assurance from another Blogger that I'm on the right track, but I knew in my heart that it wasn't the right choice.

I really appreciate your heart felt encouragement! I'm glad you decided to stick with it, and I'm feeling determined to keep pressing on, now, too.


Friday 26th of October 2018

Katie, I am so happy you read this! I am even MORE excited to see how God blesses you today in your faith step of trusting him and not a person right now. I hope we can keep up with each other and encourage one another to trust and believe.

Sarah Fuller

Saturday 26th of August 2017

Boy, did I ever need this reminder at this point in time. God knew what he was doing when he had you write this post.


Sunday 27th of August 2017

Aw Sarah that is so amazing to hear. What a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus. Praying for you right now at this moment for your blogging journey. Thank you for taking the time to read the article.


Monday 14th of August 2017

Thank you for this perspective. I truly believe God led me to this page.


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

Hi Rae! I am so glad to hear God working in your life. Blogging is so challenging but can be so rewarding when we listen to Him. I hope to see you here again :)

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Jane A. Kane

Saturday 31st of December 2016

Thank you for this. I am getting ready to launch a blog because I love to write, I have been blessed with understanding Scripture and I want to help other women see their worth through God's eyes. For about 7 months I have been reading and researching and not jumping in. It is time to jump in and trust. Thank you for the nudge.


Sunday 1st of January 2017

Jane, that is so exciting to hear you are going to take the next step. I totally remember that feeling and the best thing you can do is pray and remember if God has called you to this the enemy is for sure going to try to stop you. You got this!

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