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How to Avoid Over Spending at Wholesale Clubs

Costco, Sam’s or BJs? Which of these do you shop at? I personally am a huge fan of BJs, but there are a few reasons for it. BJs is the closest club to me. I hate driving 45 minutes to get to a store.

Second, God pretty much said, “Tasia you need to run a deal coupon blog focused on shopping at BJs.”

The point is any of the three wholesale clubs have little tricks to help you to not overspend. When you shop at wholesale clubs you are going to put a chunk of cash down you may not be used to.

If you shop monthly the amount may be even larger. Don’t be alarmed and don’t overspend. Let’s get to it.

Need a Sam’s Club Membership deal? Right now you pay $45 for a year membership and when you shop you get $45 to spend. Practically free! Get yours here.

If you need a deal at BJs, you can grab a year membership for only $25 here.


Costco has their monthly booklets filled with items on sale. Sam’s does the same thing with their instant savings book. BJs is similar except their sale items are coupons. The BJs coupon booklets are pretty much the sale price.


All three wholesale clubs give you the chance to order your items online and pick up at the club. I personally have done this for BJs and it is great when you need to buy the huge packs of paper products.

When you shop online and pick up in club you aren’t tempted by all the amazing items you think you need, but really only want.


It’s true. Most of the time we are better focused and do less impulse shopping alone. As long as you can stick to your list, you’ll save money shopping alone.


Don’t run into any wholesale club just for milk. It’s impossible to come out of there with only that. Especially because the milk is all the way at the back, forcing you to go through the center part of the club where all the goodies are. Try to shop once a week or even better monthly.


Do you know many retailers highlight an item but it really isn’t even on sale? When you enter a wholesale club stick to your list and walk by any items that are sitting out near the front enterance.

You don’t want to impulse grab because something isn’t in its normal place. Most of the time you aren’t getting a deal on it. Always check to see if it is a sale or clearance price before you grab.


Auto renewing is all the rage. Amazon, BJs, Costco they all want auto renews because memberships are where they make their money. Don’t auto renew and always look for a deal on a membership.

Groupon offers deals on all three wholesale clubs throughout the year. Ibotta currenly has a $10 rebate when you sign up for a new Sam’s club membership. BJs has a $25 membership for a year here. ( which is a good deal because the normal price is $55)

There you have it. Those are my tips for helping you spend less at wholesale clubs. Now tell me,

Which wholesale club is your favorite to shop at?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.