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The Top Water Bath Canning Supplies

Canning is an essential part of any homesteader’s life. It is a way to preserve the harvest from your garden and ensure you won’t go hungry during the winter when fresh produce can be scarce.

The best way to get started with canning is by purchasing some supplies. Here are seven water bath canning supplies that will help you get started.

This has become a tradition I’m fond of doing with my girls. This past summer, I wasn’t feeling the whole canning process because it is a process, but knowing that I was going to create these memories and a bond with my girls motivated me to haul those tomatoes from the garden into the house and start setting up my Kitchenaid mixer.

I encourage you if you are interested in growing your food, in giving the canning process at least two or three seasons. Every year your garden is different, and you’ll learn new tips and tricks when preserving your food.

Even if you don’t grow enough from your garden, heading to your local farmer’s market is a great way to get enough to set aside time to start preserving.

My favorite thing about doing it this way, you have all the tomatoes or whatever food you want to can at the same time. That means you can plan a day to get all your canning done.

Some years you are waiting on tomatoes and have to can some before they start rotting, which means you could be canning every week.

The Top Water Bath Canning Supplies

Overall you’ll be able to make jams, pickles, sauces, salsas, and more in just minutes. Plus, it’s easy on your wallet! If you want some inspiration for what types of recipes are out there or where to find them online, then check out our Pinterest board, “Water Bath Canning. “

Click this link for free printable labels that will make your canned goods look even better than they taste!

granite water bath canner

Best Overall, Water Bath Canner: Granite Ware 12-Quart Canner with Lid and Rack,

The Granite Ware 12-quart water bath canner is an excellent choice for serious canners who want to preserve large batches of food, such as when preparing for a family reunion.

This canner will hold 4-quart jars, 7-pint jars, or seven one-half pint jars; jars not included. The Granite Ware 12-quart canner has a solid build and will last long, even with daily use.

The handles are metal and stay cool during the canning process, even if you can use the canner for many hours.

While the Granite Ware is very strong and durable, it does have a downside. It is heavier than most other models in this comparison review. This can make it difficult to transport as you move food from your workstation to your pantry or storage area.

Best Set for Beginners: Norpro Home Canning Set

The Norpro Home Canning Set is the best option for beginners because it includes everything you need to start preserving food . It comes with Long tongs with green vinyl-coated handles * Vinyl coated jar lifter * Magnetic lid lifter * Extra wide mouth funnel * Vinyl coated jar wrench * Bubble popper/measurer.

With this set, you are ready to start scanning right away!

When canning, use the jar wrench and a funnel to fill jars with hot food quickly. Use the tongs for safely lifting the lids out of simmering water — after they have been heated by boiling water in your water bath canner.

The bubble freer will remove air bubbles from inside each jar as you seal them, which will prevent food spoilage and air from getting inside the jars. It helps make sure you can store your food safely in a shorter amount of time. This kit is great for someone starting and who doesn’t want to buy supplies individually.

Best Pickling Salt: Morton Canning and Pickling Salt

The Morton Canning and Pickling Salt is specially designed for canning purposes but works well when making pickles. This set has six containers, which means that it will last longer than other brands.
Like all good canning ingredients, this Morton Canning Salt is pure and contains no additives. You can always trust the quality of this brand since it has been made in the United States since 1848.

Morton Canning and Pickling Salt use a uniform flake that dissolves quickly to ensure you don’t have any lumps in your food when preparing it for canning.

This brand has a light, non-iodized flavor that won’t change the taste of your food.
You will love how Morton Canning and Pickling Salt don’t overpower your recipes with a salty flavor or chemical aftertaste. It is also very fine, so it mixes easily into any recipe you are preparing.

mrs. wages canning and pickling salt

I grabbed Mrs. Wages this year because I couldn’t find Morton.

mason jar for canning ball

Best Canning Jars: Ball Wide-Mouth Pint 16-Ounce Glass Mason Jar With Lids and Bands, 12-Count,

The Ball Wide-Mouth Pint 16-Ounce Glass Mason Jar is the best option for preserving food because it has a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill with hot ingredients and seal immediately.

In addition, this jar has an excellent heat tolerance and can easily be cleaned in your dishwasher without any worry of cracks or breakage.

ball jar canning supplies

These Wide-Mouth Pint Mason jars also have good resistance to bacteria and fungus growth, so you won’t have to worry about food spoiling on your pantry shelf after you’ve preserved it.

In addition, these mason jars will last practically forever, so they are very economical when you compare their value against other brands with a lower price tag.

ball jar lifter canning supplies

Best Jar Lifter: Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter

The Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter will make it much easier for you to move hot jars in and out of your pressure canner.

This jar lifter has an ergonomic handle that fits easily in the palm of your hand, giving you reasonable control while sealing canned food. The grip is also sturdy enough to lift to 7-pint jars at once.

It also has a ribbed handle that will stay cool when you have hot jars in your hands. It is also effortless to clean since it is dishwasher safe.

This Ball jar lifter has an extra long ergonomic design that makes it one of the best canning supplies for safety and convenience.

The Best Canning Funnel: Norpro Canning Wide Mouth

Norpro Canning Wide Mouth Plastic Funnel, Green, 4.75in/12cm

Don’t put your canning success at risk with a poor-quality funnel. The Norpro Funnel will quickly transfer hot food safely into your jars so that you can seal them and store them in the pantry or a freezer for future use.

In addition, this Norpro funnel has a wide-mouth design that makes filling jars with foods like applesauce and jams easier.

The funnel is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, so you won’t have to worry about mold growing inside the funnel or scrub food particles out of its crevices. This funnel will also last a long time since it is made from durable, heavy-duty plastic.

This wide-mouth funnel will fit easily into any standard canning jar opening, so you don’t have to worry about overfills or spills when filling precision jars with liquids like honey and vinaigrette.

It also has a smooth edge to ensure that your hands won’t be cut when moving this funnel in and out of your canning jar.

This product has one of the best ratings for canning supplies and a good reason. It is one of the handiest tools you can have in your kitchen when preparing foods to preserve.

ball jar canning supplies

The Best Cookbook for Canning: Ball Complete

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is a great cookbook for any canning beginner. It comes in both hardcover and paperback formats, so you will be able to find the one that suits your needs best.

This book has more than 300 recipes covering the most common preserved foods you can think of and a few uncommon recipes.

If you are new to preserving food at home and want to learn how it is done, this book will be invaluable.

It includes tips on choosing the best ingredients for your recipes and how to prepare them to preserve their taste safely.

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If you are new to water bath canning, be sure to do your research and understand the process before you get started. There are many different ways to preserve food, and water bath canning is just one option.

The supplies listed above are a great place to start if you’re interested in giving it a try. Check out more articles on our website for information about different canning methods and recipes.

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