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10 Frugal Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

When it comes to Christmas gifts for kids who have everything, you can always be sure that these little ones will absolutely love getting something new.

As parents, we have been there and done that. The hard part is finding something that doesn’t cost a fortune. We have found some inexpensive gift ideas for boys and girls that don’t cost much money. They are not only inexpensive, but they are also beneficial as well.

If you are looking for gift ideas, here are some of my favorites. Whether it’s a birthday or any other special occasion, these gifts will provide your child with countless hours of entertainment and fun!

These ideas may also be great for the child who is a bit older and losing interest in traditional toys. So if you’re looking to buy presents, I hope this list inspires today!

1. Pillow Pets:

These inexpensive gifts are great for everyone from small children to adults! The way it works is you buy one of these adorable animals and use it as a pillow or a cuddly friend. There are several different animals to choose from, but cats and dogs are the most common ones we have seen in stores.

There is quite a selection on Amazon here, but you may find a better deal in actual retail stores.

Once you get them home, you can pull them out of their case and put them onto a pillow as a cute little decoration. Then, once your child lays down on the bed at night, they will see it there smiling back at them. I’ve always found stuffed animals to be a hit.

2. Picture Frames:

If your children are still young, they must have their own space to show off pictures of themselves and their friends/family. This inexpensive gift would be perfect!

They are cheap enough for multiple children in a family, or if you have more than one child, it will not break the bank buying them each a picture frame.

Dollar tree is a great place to pick up cute frames. Also, Walmart offers larger picture frames in different sizes, all for $4 here.

3. Handmade Earrings:

This inexpensive gift is perfect for little girls or even tween girls and teenagers (but not for young children). It only takes a few minutes to make a pair of inexpensive earrings for someone, but it will show how much you care. You could even grab a DIY kit to make with your child together.

4. Candles:

This inexpensive gift is perfect for kids who have everything, but it is always fun to get presents that smell good, eat well or sleep better. For example, you could buy some inexpensive candles and make homemade bath salts (recipe found here ).

Give the candles along with the bath salts, and you have a set of inexpensive gift ideas! If you are worried about candles being a hazard, check out these realistic battery-powered candles– some are scented too!

5. Homemade cookies:

Find inexpensive cookie cutters to use and bake your child’s favorite kind of homemade cookie; frost it with ice and a toothpick and tie a ribbon. It is an inexpensive gift that everyone will love! You can make inexpensive gifts for more than just kids- check out these inexpensive cookie cutter gift ideas for adults too.

Check out these on Amazon!

6. Fill Up Homemade Bags with Inexpensive Items

Instead of using expensive wrapping paper, decorate low-cost gift bags with things you have around the house. This is a great Christmas present for your child because it does not look homemade and cheap!

I love going to Amazon and getting a surprise grab-bag of things that I can fill up. For example, you could get one with all different fidgets, or you could adjust the items based on age, so it’s appropriate for whomever you’re shopping for.

7. Filling an album or scrap book with pictures of your child

Photographs work great, especially if you have done something cute together or made a memory with your child. Create a scrapbook or notebook filled with cut-out pictures of the two of you from events and activities together!

If your child is older, build them a memory book of all their milestones and offer a pack of stickers to embellish the pages.  

Filling an album or scrapbook with pictures of your child. Print at home and have it bound at a printing shop to save money!  This is also good for baby showers as well.

8. SketchPad

If your child loves drawing, make them their own sketch pad!  Use old magazines and coupon inserts from the Sunday paper to bring out your child’s creativity!  You can also include some art supplies to get them started.  

Or grab a sketchpad and add in pencils etc., from Amazon.

9. DIY Coupons

Turn the table from the classic kids giving it to the parents. Instead, make your child their very own coupon book. Fill it with chores they may hate doing or special places to take them.

10. Memberships

Consider gifting a child membership to places like a zoo, children’s museums, or amusement parks.

Give inexpensive gifts to children this holiday season. It will give them joy, and you won’t break the bank!

Let us know what your favorite cheap gift is in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.