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Why You Don’t Have to Be More as a Blogger

I want to tell you to stop.

Stop looking on Pinterest for more.

Stop signing up for every course for more.

Stop searching instead of seeking.

I want to tell you to take a minute and just stop.

Shut your brain down for a minute no thoughts no comparing. Just still.

Our culture today has many things we at one point have become fed up with.

 Lately, I am fed up with becoming more as a blogger.Why You Don't Have to Be More as a Blogger

I’m done figuring out how to drive more traffic to my blog- for the main purpose of what? Touching people’s souls or money?

I’ve been blogging for three years now and boy what a journey it has been. I didn’t understand it and my husband didn’t understand it and heck my friends and family members REALLY didn’t understand it.

It was lonely until I connected with other bloggers- through Facebook groups mainly. It was like others knew exactly what I was going through. I was a self-taught blogger.

I knew nothing but how to kind of sort of navigate through Microsoft word. I enjoyed talking with others who were on the same path as me.

It was good until it wasn’t.

Now all I see and am bombarded with online is how to get your blog to be more. Get more page views, get more money, make it a business, not a hobby. Work fewer hours while making more, more, more, more.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what if you aren’t supposed to be at more yet?

[clickToTweet tweet=”What if you are right where you are supposed to be?” quote=”What if you are right where you are supposed to be?”]

It seems in the blogging world you can be overwhelmed with all the information, ( please don’t pay for any courses until you are making money from your blog, mostly because you don’t want to go into debt for your blog, and secondly, there are just too many FREE resources) 

Because the truth of the matter is blogging is seriously a lot of work. You see some bloggers say “It’s a whole lot of work and a little bit of luck.”

What they are missing out on, is there isn’t such a thing as luck. Everything is planned. Everything has a purpose.

First, you need to know you are worthy. If you struggle with being enough, read this.

It comes down to self-promotion. I mean how many blogs are about us, our own self? We may have a really great product but the praise goes to who?

We may have amazing articles written by who?

We may want to help our readers with certain areas of expertise we each have, but the gratitude goes to who?

Self-promotion isn’t all bad. When you are a blogger these things are a must. But when you are self-promoting for selfish reasons you’ve got it all wrong.

What if you asked for more pageviews, so that you could make more money, but you didn’t know if would mean you have to spend 30 hours a week working, taking you away from your children who are only little for a blink of an eye, it meant giving up girls night, it meant hiring some people who are now trying to steal your company, it meant having others befriend you hoping you could promote their own business…..etc. etc. etc.

[clickToTweet tweet=”What if you asked for something you had no idea you were not ready for.” quote=”What if you asked for something you had no idea you were not ready for.”]

What if you only have time to write one article a week. And five people read it. One person on Facebook leaves a comment, “I really needed to hear that today.”

Would it be enough for you? If you are choosing to be a servant instead of being served it would.

But we as a culture want more, simply because we can have more. Simply because it’s all about us.

[clickToTweet tweet=”We are a self-serving country who is torn apart because we try to pretend we are servants.” quote=”We are a self-serving country who is torn apart because we try to pretend we are servants.”]

Look through your Facebook feed. How many people are posting things about themselves? Where are the posts of your friend acknowledging other friends or people? Are there posts all about me, myself, and I?

Look through Instagram, how many selfies do you see? How many images are to look at their success?

I feel like our culture says- Work harder America, compete and do everything in your power to make it to the top. Who cares who slows you down or gets in your way. It’s all about you and your success and happiness. Do what makes you happy.


[clickToTweet tweet=”Ahh, you see selfishness leads us down the painful path of wrong motives.” quote=”Ahh, you see selfishness leads us down the painful path of wrong motives.”]

“The path to greatness is what makes all the difference.”

It’s your own unique path. If you have learned all the tech parts of blogging and you know you need to promote your posts more than write them and really gain followers,  you know that affiliate marketing and ads are a couple ways to make money, you got the gist of things.

When Fear of Low Pageviews & Money Kicks In

Stop striving for more. It’s not wrong to want to grow your business. It’s wrong when you have one or two days where your page views are down by a handful and you want to throw it all away.

You start over analyzing everything. You search all over for how to increase your page views and all the articles you read you instead check out the blogs and see what they are doing and what you are not.

Before you know it your innocent search of information trapped you in the corner of comparison. You are right where you are NOT supposed to be. Your joy of why you started the blog and why you wanted to start a blog with completely selfless motives are gone, vanished.

Your Self-Promoting All Wrong

Ultimately you have just divided the world into us and them. The wrong kind of self-promotion puts us in a position to give us things we are not ready for.

No one is ready for their joy to be stolen and in the midst of joy vanishing your wants become demands, your craving for more becomes stronger, and you ask for things when you receive them, are not quite ready for.

So maybe slow down and stay steady. Keep your heart open to what is your calling. It’s apparent anyone and everyone can make money from a blog now. There are so many ways to make money from home on the computer.

It’s not a bad thing at all, in fact, it can be the biggest blessing of your entire life. But if you are self-promoting without the right attitude you’ve just become one of them.

This is the One Thing Successful Bloggers Do

Blogging can be a burn out because it takes consistency. Consistency to push throw the highs and lows.  Consistency to show up and write a post. Many people start out thinking they will write a couple posts and then lose motivation. You need to be consistent with your blog but more importantly, you need to be consistent with God. If you aren’t praying for your blog and the direction to go and making time to seek instead of search, you won’t be consistent. A consistent blogger is a successful blogger.

Christians Must Do This

As Christians, we are called to be servants. Sure it isn’t easy. But I truly believe God calls you to those things that are not easy. Blogging is for sure one of them. Owning your own business is for sure one of them. Yet, I think of the numerous times I have cried my joy completely gone, asking God, “Why do you want me to do this? Why should I do this?”  I felt I was helping people and getting nothing back, I felt that all my time and energy should equate into even more. I wanted more.

I wasn’t ready for more. I am so thankful I asked for signs to keep going and to trust God if it would be a something that brings in an income for my family.

I can not EVEN begin to image if I told myself just one year ago the amount of money I would be making from blogging how I would have reacted.  I think my humbleness with it would have been erased.

He’s given me just enough each month to stay centered and ask “God what is your will with this money?” There have been tests and temptations for sure, but if I just stay centered and focused on my path to greatness is God, then why would I need to search for more?

Why would I care how many page views I was getting if I was indeed getting page views each day. Why would I need more if I have already read a bunch of blogging books and applied everything practical I could? Why would I spend time looking at other blogs wondering why they have it all and our blogs look identical and I didn’t?

Our journeys are all different but our end goal is the same. Stop searching for more with your blog. Be you. Ask God to guide you. I dare you to put aside your fear and ask him if you should keep blogging, or start a blog. Ask him what is it you will have my blog be about?

The fear comes in when we put it all out on the line. When we give it our all or walk away from it all. It’s the initial fear of the first steps that keep us stuck. Yet, if you ask, maybe not in the form you thought, you shall receive.

You’ll know. Once you ask and give it a go, you’ll feel it in your soul, and you will know.

You my dear one have a great purpose here. Please let us be touched by what God has called you to. It is scary to put it all on the line, but don’t you believe that God is who he says he is? Don’t you believe that he is faithful?


So what’s stopping you from seeking instead of searching?



Why You Don't Have to Be More as a Blogger

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ashley hernandez

Friday 11th of August 2017

LOVEEEEEEE this post. I originally planned to start my blog as an outlet and way to document my travel and have since noticed that it's possible to make money. I would love to incorporate that with my blog but not get too invested in the money aspect and just focus on my content and being happy with what I post. Thank you!


Friday 11th of August 2017

Thanks Ashley. It can get challenging to NOT get sucked into the money part and need to do so much more on your blog. It's important to find your balance of blogging because you love it and blogging as a business.

Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

Thursday 15th of June 2017

This article really spoke to me. Thank you for this - I need to learn to try and enjoy the journey more :)


Friday 16th of June 2017

Hi Francesca! It is a process and takes time but really life is so short to get so caught up in constantly striving for more, better. Here's to enjoying your journey!


Sunday 7th of May 2017

Thank you so much for this post. I needed the reminder if why I blog and the reminder to trust God with my blog. Thank you for sharing. I plan to share on pinterest. Be blessed and have a beautiful day!


Monday 8th of May 2017

Hi Keishawna! Thank you so much for your comment. It's a reminder I need myself quite often. It is so easy to get caught up in the worldly ways of blogging and forget that God has our backs and a plan for even our path with blogging. Thanks for sharing on Pinterest!

Alisha Blue

Saturday 6th of May 2017

❤ this! As someone who recently started blogging (3 months ago) and is a self-taught blogger as well, I became a bit overwhelmed with all the ways to make your blog MORE. God convicted me about trying to make the blog more and told me just to write and He'll take it where He wants to take. It's so much more freeing!


Monday 8th of May 2017

I love that Alisha because it is something I think many of us experience but we aren't really talking about. It is so easy to get caught up in the worldly ways of blogging and being more we need to remember that God is God and we need to trust in him. :) So glad you have done that and are able to share with us how freeing it is and how that in itself is a blessing. :)

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