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5 Things to Remember About Spending Money You Don’t Have

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Call it what you want. Your daily routine. Is it distance with your spouse?  Whining from your kids? Day after day cleaning?  Or the same old job to go to? -insert your own here-. All these things can make a girl want to start spending money.

Sometimes that mundane routine of being home with the little ones makes you feel lonely.

Sometimes you just want to spend money. You work hard for it. Why can’t you spend it.

Living life on a budget and within your means it gets hard to trudge against the powerful waves of “I need this and I want that.”

Have you noticed a dark cloud hangs over you just as you turn your eye to your neighbor? As soon as the thought- maybe I need more the cloud gets darker.

Loneliness seeps in when you are just starting to feel content with the way things are going. Then the cloud comes over when your dearest friend tells you ‘ You could have so much more.”


Then there is Facebook which has a way of pecking us with jealousy, and comparision. We start to believe. Happiness is just a new shiny item away. But we don’t believe that do we? Click To Tweet


Man. What a word.

What a sneaky snake word.

You know why?

Because our society throws us a comparison suit every time we plug in.

It plays on our inner self.






The only place I find lately that I’m not bombarded is nature. You know outdoors WITHOUT a phone.

Last year millennials spent 18 hours a day consuming media.

Oh wait, we don’t  have T.V commercials anymore do we?

Of course, we all know this.

But the biggest problem I know as a millennial myself is this;

We are putting ourselves in a dangerous game of comparison.

I just did it the other day.

It’s 90 degrees out. I’m sweating, the kids are sweating and I tell them to get downstairs where our free AC flows on. (Basement)

There I am in our kitchen opening the cupboard to fill a cup for my daughter and my nail catches on the paint. I watch another piece of paint fall to the floor. The white spots to our red cupboards is beginning to look like a leopard.

The many layers of paint are noticeable. The cheap particle board also known as our kitchen shelves looks ghetto.  I think it may look worse since I tried to cover only half up with contact paper!

I can’t fit my plates straight in. You have to lift them up just right and then slide in. To get one mixing bowl in all the rest have to come out and get stacked inside just right.

There’s plenty of little quirks in our kitchen.  Plenty of reason for society to come in and laugh and ask “Why don’t you get yourself a new kitchen?”

And then it started.

We need a new house.

We need a new kitchen.

We need this. We can get that. I. need. now. 

And in the few days of wanting I started to feel distance from my soul. My husband was there to remind me, who was I trying to please?!

I have said before that I am  fine with our beat up cupboards right now while having young kids.

I too wrestle with reminding myself  extra money can go for date night or a trip to see my parents, or the mortgage. I can fight against our culture that says “You aren’t spending enough money.”

Why do I think I need new right now?

The Lord reminded me of contentment out in our raspberry patch. I heard a still small voice say-“Haven’t I given you so much already?”

I laughed. I fell to my knees and I cried. 

You have Lord. You so have. 

It can be dangerous to let yourself soak in today’s culture of needing more. We quickly lose focus of our priorities in life.

If we just wait and be patient those wants will fade away. The more we replace wants with needs our contentment shows up.

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Sometimes the wants are granted in a way we could have never imagined. In a way, only God had planned.

When you are striving to live the best life on a budget aim for contentment.

  • Don’t feel ashamed for not spending money.
  • Don’t feel ashamed for not needing something new.
  • Don’t feel ashamed for looking for used items before you look for brand new.
  • Don’t be ashamed to shop clearance and still use coupons. And by all means, DON’T be ashamed to use coupons. 

Today I’m praying for you right now reading this post. Let it be an encouragement to you or to someone you know you can pass it on to.

5 Things to Remember About Spending Money You Don’t Have

Write out your goals. When you write your goals it makes your financial standpoint more real. When you feel like you want more stuff you remember what you are working towards.

  • Ask will this take me a step away from my goal?
  • Ask yourself if you really love the item? Will this always bring joy to you?
    If it does take it a step further and say will I enjoy this in one year? The bigger the price tag the longer you should enjoy it.
  • Will this serve a practical purpose?
  • Where will this item end up in one year?
    It helps when you can visualize where it is going to be in your home.
  • How often will you use/wear the item?
    Is it worth the cost for a one time use? Can you wear the item many times and change accessories with it?
  • Can it get more than one use?

Asking some of these questions will help you in making a choice that will help you find contentment. Remember we live in a world where everything is at our fingertips, but you make the choice. You make the difference.

Live life with a purpose.

Where are you spending money you don’t have?

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31 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember About Spending Money You Don’t Have

  1. I absolutely love this blog post. I’m on a strict budget as I try to pay off my student loans which I means I don’t always have the nicest things. That of course leads to comparison. But whenever I start to compare myself to others, I always think to myself that all I can do is aim to be better than I was yesterday. Once I do that, it all makes sense.

  2. This is a great post and a solid reminder. I struggle a lot with this. Not so much that I think we need better, but that I always have all these ideas of things I’d like to do to my house, and not having the funds to do it. Hubs and I have been working on separating the difference between the needs and the wants.

  3. Tasia, I love this post. I, too, try to live modestly with used and re-purposed possessions and a small home. I am quite content with our decisions as a family until I go to someone else’s home. Then I start feeling bad about our home, our things. I recently wrote a little humor post about this, Martyr in a materialistic world, but the tone of it was not quite right (though I published it). I like this post of yours better for the encouragement and community factor. Many of us are truly trying to live well, to live within means, despite the comparisons that smack us in the face every time we look up.

    Also, I think the 18 hours on mixed media thing is quite scary. That is, I believe, very unhealthy for anybody, because the comparisons aren’t just limited to our stuff; they spread to our bodies, minds, talents, personalities. Nature is an excellent cure, but, as you said, leave the phone at home!

    1. That’s exactly it. You feel great until you leave you own little home. We shouldn’t have to feel that way and we don’t! Thanks fo stopping by Hillary!

  4. This is such a good reminder. We are a family of six in a little house and the majority of our furniture is hand me downs. But I have the privilege of staying home and homeschooling my kids, and I wouldn’t trade that. But it’s easy to slip into that comparison trap sometimes. So I’m glad for the reminder. 🙂

  5. I can relate to this as a man I like to get things done and have no paitients. So I find myself spending money on projects that dont have to be done ASAP or some not at all .Then putting it on credit card. I think that I can mix up taking care of the family and my wife this way with projects instead of just being with them .Tools and electronics can be our claim to fame. Being too busy with projects instead of Spending time reflecting in thanks for what I have can be dangerous. So often I do get outside to relax and pray and be with my wife and it restarts me. But I do love my projects .lol

  6. Try to understand the difference between need and want. We need to breathe. We must breathe. Do we really “need” that new gadget because it’s Cyber Monday and on sale? NO. Take care of personal , community and family needs first. Wants come later.

  7. I have been struggling financially for the last several years due to health issues, so I question every single purchase I plan to make, sometimes for days and weeks before I make a decision. Ironically, this often ends in one of two ways: the item goes on sale and I’m able to buy it at a great price, or I decide that I don’t really need it! When I look back on the years when I had money to burn, so to speak, I’m amazed that I thought I really needed all those things, and am actually quite proud of the fact that I’m able to get along quite comfortably with so much less now!

    1. Ahh I love that. I always feel when the item I think I need is too high and I question it then it goes on sale- it’s a sign. I am happy to hear you are content with your income. It’s a struggle for many.

  8. Great blog! As I am getting older, I realize I don’t need all the material things I needed when I was younger. I still enjoy shopping and I always use coupons when available. Sometimes the coupons allow me to buy things I don’t really need.

  9. Good advice, we often forget to think about if something we buy will really provide long term happiness and usefulness. I have wasted so much money on stuff for my kids, thank goodness I can at least resell it on facebook tag sale sites and recoup some money back. LOL

    1. Oh, the kids are so tough! We all have to learn how to say no when it comes to toys. It is amazing how fast they add up and play with them for a few days if you are lucky. Awesome that we can resell them! Lol love that!

  10. Many times when I want something, I find it on Amazon and add it to my cart, but I do NOT buy it. I wait. I look at it again in a few days or maybe longer. Many times I end up deciding I don’t need it right away, many times I just keep it in my cart a little longer and then decide I don’t need it. Making myself wait really cuts down on those impulse and silly purchases.

    1. That’s a great tip! Especially for online shopping where it seems not as painful to just add things to a virtual cart. Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  11. I have a habit of spending money on going out to eat just because i don’t feel like cooking – seems silly to write but that’s my biggest issue with money

    1. It takes a lot of motivation and determination to cook every night. I would encourage you to cut back one night you eat out and start by cooking one meal. Even if you are using prepared meals most of the time it is cheaper than going to a restaurant. So glad you stopped by Jess!

  12. These are so important: I remember when we were children, we embarrassed to be out in public with our PARENTS about these very things!!!
    Don’t feel ashamed for not spending money.
    Don’t feel ashamed for not needing something new.
    Don’t feel ashamed for looking for used items before you look for brand new.
    Don’t be ashamed to shop clearance and still use coupons. And by all means, DON’T be ashamed to use coupons.

    Now these are ALL the things I do!!! on a regular basis. BUDGET!!!

  13. What a wonderful reminder to help one keep spending in check. I love your spiritual references as well. It is so true that we have been bestowed so many blessings and yet, many times, want for more. Love your blog!

    1. Contentment is a big struggle for all of us daily! Yet it really is important to remember all the blessings we do have. Thank you for checking out the blog.

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