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3 Free Ways For Bloggers To Automate Content To Readers

A blogger. A term more people are becoming aware of. A term still many people think is someone who writes about their life online.

If you are starting the journey of blogging, don’t let anyone convince you it’s not worthy or something you can make a living off of. It’s a business you can get rich from- it just takes a ton of work and commitment.

There are so many success stories.

Here are just a few ( for those friends who just don’t believe you)



The one thing I wonder about is how many bloggers go into debt for their business. Sure you see plenty of finance blogs, frugal living sites and what not, and you would imagine they won’t be the ones going into debt for their business.

What about the niches that aren’t so money conscious?

If you are starting a blog and not sure how much money to spend or what’s a good deal, you’re in the right place. I started my blogging business cheaply and continue to spend less than a traditional business. I’m always looking for deals on things I need for blogging as well.

I understand when it comes to blogging as a business there are things you must purchase.

If you are looking for a service to provide your readers with your content I have four cheap and budget-friendly ones for you.

Ones I have personally used.

Don’t go broke starting your own business.




I wasn’t quite sure about this over a year ago when it seemed all the bloggers jumped on it. I was shocked that I got 200 signups in two days with it. I thought I was on to something.

There was the whole question of how many times a day do we send it? Many of us were using it for coupon blogs, and coupon blogs can easily pump out a minimum of 20-30 posts a day.

I decided to send out my most popular post for the day. Once a day was my goal. It was going well. For about a month.

I forgot about it and sent out reminders once a month. I am finally looking back at it as I see people are still signing up daily. They have added so many features for FREE.

You can have it set up to your RSS feed for free. That means if you only write a couple posts a week you can have one more thing automated and get your content out there.

You can also set up a drip campaign/welcome notes.

Let’s say someone signs up to get your push notifications. They can receive a welcome one that you write triggered by their sign up.

You can choose to have as many as you want to be sent after that. Another thing automated. You may not even want to send out new articles to this group of people but set up a completely different campaign.

Just like you would in an email service, but Pushcrew is free until you reach 2000 subscribers!



I hand down love buffer. I tried all the social sharing schedulers in the beginning. I’ve been blogging for a little over four years now. I tried HootSuite and it was my least favorite budget-friendly one.

Buffer is easy because you can access it and control it all from within your WordPress dashboard.


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I personally very rarely “hand schedule” posts on social media. I just do not have time for it or honestly the desire. Social media is a bit of a time suck for me, and I usually just Marco or text the people I need to keep up with. For blogging automating my posts on social is the way to go.

I can also share my own experience with hand posting and social sharing. My brother helps me run my other site here and we tested adding every post using the Facebook scheduler. We did this for two weeks.

There was NO increase in clicks or reach compared to using Buffer. Buffer is also approved by Pinterest now.

We tried it again a few months later and still no difference. The key is to find out when your fans are more likely to engage by using Facebook’s Insight tool.

I schedule through buffer all the popular times my fans are online. I even took the Facebook app off my phone. This way I reply to social media comments/messages only in the morning when I work and sometimes in the evening if time allows.

Freeing up my mind of all those random notifications has allowed me to be more productive.

The Free plan allows you to have three social accounts. 



Mailer Lite

This is the underdog in email service. MailChimp was the most common when I started blogging but we quickly found faults and that many of the emails sent went to spam folders.

Mailer Lite is a great budget-friendly alternative. You can set up landing pages and campaigns so that your emails are ready to go.

I highly recommend setting up a welcome series for when someone subscribes to your blog. That way when you send out an email of your latest article they kind of know you a bit better.

Mailer Lite is free for up to 1000 subscribers.

You sign up here with my referral link and get a $20 credit!


Blogging is a world I had no idea existed and now one I couldn’t imagine not being a part of. It has helped my family financially, it has strengthened my faith and has deepened my relationship with my husband and I’ve met a ton of people. I encourage you to think about your dreams and your goals and to not give up.

The road always looks scary when we don’t know what is at the end. Continue to believe that God has good in store for you. He won’t leave or forsake you. If you feel him leading you in a certain way, push fear aside and start walking.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.