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5 Educational Christmas Gifts for Smart Kids

Sometimes, you want to give a kid a gift that will not only entertain them, but also help stimulate their desire to learn in a hands-on way. Educational gifts don’t always have to be boring, and in fact, many of them end up being great gifts for kids that they’ll end up spending hours on end playing with.

An educational gift can help spark a desire to become a scientist or a doctor at an early age, as well as help their developmental process mentally. For the kid who loves space, a telescope would be a great option.

You can get any sort of price range when it comes to these, from something small and cheap to something big and a bit more pricey. For younger kids, the smaller options might be better, but as your kids get older, a better telescope might be more desirable.

5 Educational Christmas Gifts for Smart Kids

While smaller ones can see things like the moon clearly, larger ones can even see planets like Jupiter or Saturn. I know my kids would find this incredible.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are microscopes. Microscopes allow kids to take a deeper look at what’s going on in the world around them that they can’t normally see. I found a great deal on a telescope and microscope set at BJs during the holiday season too.

5 Educational Christmas Gifts for Smart Kids

A good microscope is often less expensive than a good telescope, though this may not always be the case. You can even get kits for microscopes that include pre-made samples of different chemicals or substances so that they don’t have to make any themselves.

Another option would be an ant farm. These allow kids to get a closer look at a rarely seen structure, that being the inner workings of an ant community. They can observe how the ants work together to create complex tunnels, find food, and share resources.

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educational christmas gifts for kids

These require minimal upkeep, though you should save these for older kids, because if they’re too young and knock it over, you could have some problems.

If your kid is interested in bugs but not particularly ants, you can get them a bug catcher.

educational christmas gifts for kids

There are tons of different kinds, from a simple net to a more complex vacuum that includes an observation chamber. These are a good choice because you can cater the equipment to the age of the child. These work on just about any bug that they can find in their backyard.

Finally, one good option might be a crystal growing kit. These are often good because they require just a little bit of setup, and then they can be left alone while the crystals form.

educational christmas gifts for kids

It can be a good example for your kids about how chemistry and geology work, leaving them with a very pretty crystal after it’s done.

I hope you have found one of these educational toys to be a fit for the child you are buying for this year. Otherwise browse around here for even MORE educational toy ideas.

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