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How Dried Apples Taste & Turn out in The Ninja Foodi

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If you are thinking about dehydrating apples this year in your Ninja Foodi let me tell you it’s fantastic. I’ve used our classic dehydrator system like this for years. This is our second one as I’ve noticed the heating element seems to give out in time.

When I used this dehydrator it took all night and a few more hours early morning. I was waiting for a total of 12+ hours.

apple tree dehydrator ninja foodi

Living out here in the country with many old apple trees I hate to see them go to waste. This has been a wonderful year for apples and we have six apple trees. I decided to use my Ninja Foodi to make a healthy snack for my family. Another perk of doing this is keeping with our $60 grocery shopping budget.

If you are new around here I’ve been sharing my Ninja Foodi posts here. I did a complete review on it here. I couldn’t be more impressed with this machine. I almost love it MORE than my Kitchenaid mixer and that is my first true love.

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How to Make Dehydrated Apples in the Ninja Foodi

Items Needed:

  • Lemon Juice- I used 2 tsp.
  • 3 Apples- I used Medium Sized Apples 2 sour 1 gala
  • Knife or Apple Slicer/Corer- I used this apple slicer and corer and slice the apples in half from it.
  • Peeler
  • Cinnamon- optional

Let’s Move On To How Prep The Apples

I’ve tried the classic apple peeler in the past and it works great at first. Then it becomes a pain in the butt. After spending money on two different ones I stick to the apple slicer and corer.

We do not spray our apples and if you have your own apple trees you may notice they don’t look like the store ones.

But I can assure you they taste just as good when you cook with them.

You will want to core and slice your apples. With the apple slicer like this I cut the apples in half again.

I also peel them by hand. My kids will eat the apples how they are now but I thought it would be easier to just peel the skin off in case they decide it’s too chewy or something crazy.

I recommend getting a peeler that has a double edge. It works fast and it’s sharp! Be careful if you get a brand new one to not cut yourself.

Check for any edges that have part of the core etc. left. Cut that off. I always run my finger along the top to make sure it doesn’t have any hard pieces left.

I put all my apple slices in a bowl and added 2 tsp of Lemon Juice. I swooshed them around for a few minutes. You want to make sure every slice is coated in lemon juice.

I did one apple with the peel and the other two without. I like to test out what my kids will eat.

Be sure to save all your peels and cores for your compost pile and/or your animals.

I grabbed paper towel and laid the apples out on it.

Pat dry the apples to remove access juice.

Get your Ninja Foodi ready. Mine came with this rack which is perfect to dry more apples. If you have a Foodi you know it is on the small side when it comes to certain meals. The rack gives you the extra space.

With my old dehydrator I learned the hard way, you don’t want to fill it up entirely. You need room for the air to flow and dry the apples properly.

The last thing I did was sprinkle cinnamon on the top apples. I love the Saigon Organic Cinnamon from BJs. For $4.99 you can’t beat the price.

This was my first time doing it in the Ninja Foodi so I made sure to leave room between the apple slices.

More Ninja Foodi Stuff:

Ninja Foodi Settings

I put my apples in the bottom and top. Closed the air fryer lid.

I hit the dehydrate button and set the temperature to 135° and seven hours.

The best part about this is after the seven hours it shuts off. Which means I woke up to dried apples that were perfectly done.


I love how these turned out. They taste delicious. Seven hours may seem long but this was a welcome hello compared to my traditional dehydrator. I love how it turns off after setting the time.

I put ours in a Ziploc bag because they probably won’t last more than a day. Since it is such a small serving. Yet, you could have fresh apple slices each day during apple season. After baking multiple pies, and apple crisp I’m ready to only peel and core three apples for a snack 🙂

My kids liked these too. ours are a tad bit sour because I didn’t add any sugar. Which makes me like them even more. I love sour stuff. On the next batch I’ll add a tiny bit of sugar.

If you want your apples to be more of a chip texture slice thinner or in circles and dehydrate an hour or so longer.

Give them a try in your Foodi and let me know how it goes in the comments below. Or connect by email below.



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