We Started a Vlog! Meet The Family

We Started a Vlog! Meet The Family

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Hey Friends! So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will see that we have started building our barn! We thought it would be a ton of fun to share the progress with our friends and family and this community here as well! I’m not an expert in video, but we are having a ton of fun tracking the progress of life out here in the country. So we started a Vlog!

We Started a Vlog! Meet The Family

If you aren’t sure what a vlog is it’s a video blog shortened to vlog. The barn progress will be fun to track and once the barn is up we will be expanding our little farm here and what fun it will be to share the journey in a video right?  In a couple weeks, I’ll be starting our kitchen renovation.


We live in a 1850s farmhouse so there is much to be done and a lot we have already done!  We figure you guys will let us know more about what you want to see and learn. Maybe my husband will even find another piece of junk to turn into something! 

If you have been wanting to get to know us more subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow along! I’ll be posting a couple videos a week. All depends on the weather how much we can tackle.

Thank you so much for each and every one of you who come here and check out our tips and story we appreciate you so much!


I’ll also be sharing the videos here on the blog too!







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