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Frugal Way To Keep Chairs From Scratching Floors

Today I want to show you a cheap and frugal way to use what you have to stop your chairs from scratching your wood floors. We recently replaced the flooring in our kitchen, dining and living room. The darker wood was showing us every time the chair moved.

The dusty look was driving me crazy. The original non slip pads were coming off.

I finished wrapping a gift and saw the packing tape on the table. I thought, could I tape this corner up? Would it stop the chair from leaving faint marks all over the wood flooring?

chairs from scratching

After you install new flooring to go with your new kitchen makeover, chairs scratching up the floor doesn’t make anyone happy.

I tried it. And it’s been four weeks and we don’t have any more marks on the floor.

I used what I already had so it cost me nothing to stop the dining room chairs from scratching the floor.

What exactly did I do?

chairs from scratching

Use Clear Packing Tape to Stop Your Chairs From Scratching the Floors

chairs from scratching What can you put on the bottom of your chairs to stop scratching the floor that costs nothing? Try this packing tape idea. It's cheap, frugal and it works!

Place a square piece of tape to fit around the bottom of your chair leg. Cut the remaining sides.

You want enough tape to be able to stick around the sides but not enough it will be noticeable.

Push the tape down to get all the air out.

chairs from scratching

Remember no one is getting a close-up of your chairs. You can press the tape better than I did, but we also have two hairy dogs and a long-haired cat.

The tape has NOT come off after four weeks. I’m happy to say this was a no-cost fix to our dining room chairs and our new flooring.

The other perk was the hair doesn’t pile around the little fabric pieces as it did before. It kind of glides off the tape. Thank Goodness, because the Roomba has no idea how to go around the dining room leg chairs!

(Ps.. The Roomba in a house full on animals and kids was the best Christmas present EVER!)

Do you have any other DIY no-cost ideas for your dining room chairs?

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Sunday 24th of April 2022

I am going to this today! I tried aluminum foil and it does not work. Thanks for the tip.



Saturday 23rd of March 2019

I’m so trying this!! Thanks for sharing! The hair around those pads that collect drive me nuts....


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Awesome! I know very frustrating! Glad to see you stop by Kristy :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.