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Building a New Chicken Coop

Today I wanted to share a quick video with you and show you what we are up to on this frugal homestead! We decided to build a chicken coop in our new barn for our next batch of chicks.

Building a New Chicken Coop

Every spring the itch for new birds takes over doesn’t it? I will update this post as we continue to build the chicken coop. I will also include once it’s finished a step by step plan on how we built the chicken coop.

Building a New Chicken Coop

I am excited about this pulley door for the chickens. We will have a rope which I explain in the video to pull the door open and let the birds free range. Here’s why I free range our birds even with all the risks.

Have you incubated your chicken eggs? What tips do you have for doing it yourself?

Also if you have found great curbside finds for your chickens share it in the comments below.


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