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5 Best Gifts For the Home Cook In Your Life

Some people absolutely love to cook. Hands up right here!

They’re the ones making food every holiday, they have their own little recipes that they like to show off, and so on. Cooking is a hobby that requires a fair amount of tools and accessories, though, so if their kitchen is a bit under par, they might not be able to do everything they want to do.

You can make a cooking enthusiast’s Christmas with some simple gifts.

gifts for people who love to cook

First, a good quality cookbook is never a bad idea. Cookbooks come in all different styles to give you recipes on any variety of food you might want to start getting into. With the popularity of so many recipes online, a hard copy of cookbook is a welcomed gift for home cooks.

My favorite go to cookbook is the classic Betty Crocker. This is the book I can go to for meal planning. Every recipe is simple, easy and a hit.

It could be baking, barbecuing, or even something more culturally focused. Once you find the right kind, depending on what your cook likes to make, you’re set.

The next good gift you can give is a good, proper set of pots and pans. I find Costco and BJs to carry amazing sets before the holiday season and it’s affordable.

While it doesn’t sound like much at first, good quality cookware can mean a world of difference for how a dish turns out. Things like well designed, non-stick pans can help them create dishes that they might not have previously been able to make.

gifts for people who love to cook

Along with pots and pans, you should consider some extra gadgets that can help them around the kitchen. Slow cookers and sous-vide cookers have become incredibly popular in recent years, and your chef should be able to get a lot of use out of them.


If you really want to win them over give them the gift of the Instant Pot OR for your favorites the Ninja Foodi. I love my Foodi and have a complete review on it here.

They both increase the ease and ability of being able to make certain dishes, which may have otherwise required a lot of work or wouldn’t be possible at all.

A good quality knife set is crucial to anyone who wants to work with things like meat and vegetables. Just be sure to warn them how sharp brand new knives are 🙂

5 Best Gifts For the Home Cook In Your Life

Properly made and sharpened knives make the entire meat preparation process easier and cleaner, allowing them to spend less time preparing and more time cooking and eating.

These often come with an array of specialty knives as well, such as those designed to cut bread or cheese.

Finally, you might want to get them a proper means of storage for their food and supplies. Again if you aren’t shopping online Costco and BJs are fabulous places to get a deal on sets.

A disorganized kitchen makes everything more difficult, and can sometimes even lead to foods going bad or getting contaminated. Proper storage with good seals on them ensures that their foods can last for a long time.

If you need ideas for organization follow my Pinterest Board here.

Whether it’s plastic containers or things like mason jars to keep things sealed, this can definitely increase the shelf life of their ingredients. A budding chef will always appreciate a good kitchen gift – you just have to see what piques their interest and pick something suitable for it!

That completes some of my favorite gift ideas for people who love to cook in your life. Let me know if there is anything else to add.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.