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5 Gifts That Won’t Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Are you dreading getting the gift for that person you know has everything? Sometimes, there are people in your life who just seem to have every item you think of.

They’re perfectly content with what they have, and have no real interest in getting anything new. This can make it a bit hard to shop for them since they don’t have anything on a wish list or anything like that.

I find most of these types of people are the ones who enjoy practical gifts.

Luckily, there are a few options for gifts for the person who seems to have everything.

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5 Gifts That Won't Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Instant Film Camera

If that person is a bit more artsy than others, an instant film camera like a Polaroid, could be a very enjoyable thing for them.

These cameras are the types that take the picture and immediately develop and print them, allowing them to skip the whole process of having to print them off. They usually come out in higher quality than other images, and can easily help them decorate their place.

5 Gifts That Won't Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Indoor Herb Garden

If they’re more inclined towards cooking or gardening, then you might consider getting them an indoor herb garden. These little things are easy to use and keep up with, and allow people to grow herbs that can be plucked fresh for use in dishes.

This can add a ton of improved flavor to dishes because dried out old herbs aren’t as good tasting as fresh ones.

5 Gifts That Won't Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Art Piece

If they’re an art fanatic, then a new art piece is always going to be a welcome addition.

It may not always have to be something expensive and rare, but it’s certainly something that’s going to make them happy regardless. You’ll want to make sure it’s something that they’re interested in, whether that be sculptures, modern paintings, pictures, and so on.

Either way you should be able to find either the real thing or a simple reproduction at a reasonable price.

5 Gifts That Won't Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The person who you think has everything still has to do chores right? Then there are still products out there that could improve their life. We all know how mundane chores can feel.

If you’re willing to drop a bit more money, a robotic vacuum cleaner could take a pretty significant load off of their typical work. I find this to be a game changer. The dust it picks up from the dogs is amazing. I run it while I do my work or take the dogs out and it’s fabulous.

There are a variety of different brands with varying prices, but any way you cut it, you should be able to find something of quality. If they already have one of these- grab the replacement kit. My Roomba’s sweeper and brush wore out after two years and I got this replacement set and it works wonderfully.

5 Gifts That Won't Disappoint The One Who Has Everything

Sleep Aids

Finally, they probably don’t have some kind of sleeping aid. There are simple ways of helping you sleep – such as a weighted blanket – but there are also more technological versions like something that creates white noise. There are lotions to help promote sleep, essential oil diffuser or even a temperature regulated pillow.

These are pretty cost efficient and are easy gifts to get for the person who has everything. If you have any other ideas to share with us lets us know in the comments below.

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