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How to Hold a Baby Mini Pig Without Squealing

Are you wondering if it is possible to hold a baby mini pig without squealing? The answer is yes. It won’t happen the first couple times you pick your baby mini pig up, but with the right technique and training it can be done.

Your baby mini pig won’t stay small for long so it is best to start this as soon as you can. You want to enjoy him/her while they are this cute and adorable!

Don’t get me wrong I love my older mini pigs too, but I can no longer hold them to my face for a smooch.

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Check out the video below to see how to hold a baby mini pig without squealing.

How to Hold a Baby Mini Pig Without Squealing

First thing to get through is the initial squealing. It is going to be loud and piercing to your ears. Ear plugs are a great item to have with the initial picking up.

Hold your mini pig tight to your chest and scoop up under the head and scoop up under the butt.

You need to say the same word every time BEFORE you pick up your baby mini pig.

My word is”UP”. When they hear the word they will know what to expect.

You can also try sitting down and letting your mini pig climb up into your lap. At this point you can give your pig some love with a little scratch behind the ear or what not.

Then hug mini pig to your chest and lift up. Say the word you will say every time you pick up your mini pig.

Be consistent. Pigs are smart. You will get this. Don’t give up. In a few days you’ll be holding your baby without ear plugs!

If your pig seems traumatized or you are from the experience be sure to give them one of mini pigs favorite treats! ( If you haven’t gotten these for your pigs yet, oh my they are going to LOVE IT!)

Let me know if you have any tips, struggles or a comment below.

Do you need tips for harnessing your mini pig? Here’s a post and video on using two different style harnesses on your potbelly pig.


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Katrina Arterberry

Sunday 13th of August 2023

I have gotten a mini pig and it has had bad behavior since we got it . We have had it for about a month and a half now it still scream when we pick it up .it flops it’s feet and head and screams no matter which way we hold it . It snaps food out our hand and nips for what appears to be no reason . Last night I was picking it up to put it in the playpen for slp and it headbutted me In the face and broke my tooth ! I am so angry and heartbroken at the same time . It is still such a little thing maybe 10 or 15 pounds . I just love this little pig . But I am at my end with the behavior . Her behavior is awful I just don’t know what else to do .


Monday 14th of August 2023

You have to tap her nose pretty hard and tell her no, when she bites. Pigs do not like to be held, so I suggest not picking her up if she is having such behavior issues. You must get her to trust you completely before you try to pick her. Constantly give her rewards for good behavior. Some pigs will continue to act out, and they really need to be outside. Does she have her own outdoor pen?


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Hi I have a mini pig that was bought three days ago but currently I am just a middle man until given to the owner a week from now and I am giving the pig to another person to watch her for that remaining time my sister got it for a friend for her birthday. I am worried that being with different people will make it hard for her to trust. I was able to hold her previous days but now when I pick her up she squeals and squirms and won't calm down until I put her down I followed the video too I am leaving her alone for time being what should I do?


Monday 4th of October 2021

Hey! That sounds normal. Pigs don't really like to be picked up until they trust you and some pigs personalities will never like to be picked up. I would keep having the pig come to you with treats and being still with them. It shouldn't matter when they go to a new owner as long as you start a relationship where the pig knows humans are loving and in charge you'll be good.


Monday 19th of October 2020

Hi. Just got my mini pig three days ago. She’s 8 weeks old. Litter box trained and the breeder we got her from was able to pick her up. She lets us run her belly and lay with her in her pen. When I try to pick her up, she runs. It’s hard to catch a pig, even in a 6x4 pen! I want to be able to take her outside more often but it’s so hard to catch her. I don’t want it to be traumatic. I know it should be started as early as possible but maybe I need to wait longer until There is more trust from her.... thoughts?


Monday 19th of October 2020

Hello! That is so exciting. This is such a sweet stage. Three days is so new. She needs lots of time to get to know and trust you and when she does it will melt your heart. Its totally normal that she is still running from you. It helps to have a treat to give her and let her come up on your lap all by herself. I would get to know new pigs with plain cheerios. And give them one each time they got close to me. Spend time with just being near her and she'll come around.

Lauren Rhoades

Sunday 5th of April 2020

Thanks for all the great videos. We just got our first 2 mini pigs and they are 9 weeks old. They came from farms and are very skittish. Do you have any advice on how we can tame them? We sit in their pen every day and offer them treats but they still seem very unsure of us.


Tuesday 7th of April 2020

I think what you are doing is great. They take a little bit more time to trust you. Give it more time and give them treats and belly rubs if they will allow you.

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