how to pick up a baby mini pig

How to Hold a Baby Mini Pig Without Squealing

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Are you wondering if it is possible to hold a baby mini pig without squealing? The answer is yes. It won’t happen the first couple times you pick your baby mini pig up, but with the right technique and training it can be done.

Your baby mini pig won’t stay small for long so it is best to start this as soon as you can. You want to enjoy him/her while they are this cute and adorable!

Don’t get me wrong I love my older mini pigs too, but I can no longer hold them to my face for a smooch.

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Check out the video below to see how to hold a baby mini pig without squealing.

How to Hold a Baby Mini Pig Without Squealing

First thing to get through is the initial squealing. It is going to be loud and piercing to your ears. Ear plugs are a great item to have with the initial picking up.

Hold your mini pig tight to your chest and scoop up under the head and scoop up under the butt.

You need to say the same word every time BEFORE you pick up your baby mini pig.

My word is”UP”. When they hear the word they will know what to expect.

You can also try sitting down and letting your mini pig climb up into your lap. At this point you can give your pig some love with a little scratch behind the ear or what not.

Then hug mini pig to your chest and lift up. Say the word you will say every time you pick up your mini pig.

Be consistent. Pigs are smart. You will get this. Don’t give up. In a few days you’ll be holding your baby without ear plugs!

If your pig seems traumatized or you are from the experience be sure to give them one of mini pigs favorite treats! ( If you haven’t gotten these for your pigs yet, oh my they are going to LOVE IT!)

Let me know if you have any tips, struggles or a comment below.

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