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How to Put a Harness on Your Mini Pig

Learning how to put a harness on your mini pig will allow you to be in control of your pig when you take it for walks, bring to the vet etc. I’ve had mini pigs for three years and absolutely love using a harness on each pig.

You can scroll down and watch the video on how I harness my two pigs with different options or read the step by step below.


My favorite harness to use on a mini pig is an actual pig harness. It looks like this.

mini pig harness the frugal farm girl
The first loop is smaller to go around the neck. The second loop is larger to go around their bellies.

There are several different websites to purchase a pig harness. I’ve gotten two from and the last one I purchased now that Bentley is three we’ve been using for two years.

mini pig harness the frugal farm girl

As a frugal girl, I didn’t like the idea of spending $50 on a harness because I didn’t know the quality or if he would keep growing. I bought the large-size harness when Bentley was 1.5 and he is three now and it fits perfectly.

This harness has two adjustable straps, giving you room to grow with the pig. Your pig should be full grown around 3-5 years of age.

Pig Gear is another popular one among mini-pig owners. I personally haven’t purchased anything through the site.

I would pick from one of the two sites and avoid ones on Amazon.

When I did a search on Amazon for a mini pig harness here is the first one to come up. It clearly says harness in the title but it is a leash.

This one on Amazon for a small one for $20 looks to be right, but I can’t say for sure.

When Bentley was only a few months old I went to Petco and bought a puppy harness. I think it worked for a month!

mini pig harness the frugal farm girl


You can use a step in harness common for dogs. As shown in the video it is harder to work with then the pig harness.

If your pig is young this one requires more handling-which may be a good thing to work with your pig. For me, it can also be too time-consuming. The pig harness is quick and easy.

dog harness for mini pig

As pig owners we all love a simpler solution right?!

Keep in mind if you buy a harness when they are under a year old, you will be buying another harness as they grow.

If you haven’t brought your mini pig home yet check our post and checklist of what your mini pig will need here.

How to Put Pig Harness On

The video above will give you the best way to learn how to put the pig harness on. With a pig harness you start at the top.

Tell your pig “harness” or whatever you want to call it before you put it on every time. Consistency is key when it comes to training your mini pig. If you need tips on how to walk your mini pig check out this fun video of real life walking Bentley here.

Let your pig smell the harness. If it is the first time your pig is going to wear a harness leave the harness in it’s pen area for a day or two. If they start chewing it obviously take it out!

Use treats as a distraction the first few times if your pig is hesitant. Snap the sides of the harness and your pig is good to go. These are my favorite treats to have on hand for my pigs. They do ANYTHING for them.

Any type of dog leash will work. I find the wider, longer ones to work best on larger pigs.

Stay calm and your pig will stay calm too.

Step In Harness

For the step in harness, you will need to use treats as a distraction. Lift up the front leg and place in the harness. Do the same thing on the other leg.

Bring the harness up to the top of the pigs shoulders and snap.

Getting your pig used to wearing a harness is a smart idea. If you have a larger pig and they are getting into something you don’t want them in, and they refuse to listen and you can’t push them away, harness them and make them move.

I loved letting my pigs out when they were younger because they didn’t really wonder too far. Now with slightly older pigs when they see a patch of dandelions and it’s time to go in, they don’t.

Until I harness them and force them away. Then it’s all good. Pigs are stubborn and smart. It also helps strengthen your bond with your mini.

If you love mini pigs as much as I do be sure to check out my other articles below. And Follow my Mini Pig Pinterest Board here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.