3 Major Reasons You Don’t Want a Miniature Pig as a House Pet

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I’ve loved piglets since I was a kid. Most of us agree piglets are adorable. If you are thinking about pigs as a pet let me give you the insider edition.

If you were told there was a pig out there who would stay small like a piglet and could live in your house, you’d probably be on board! The problem is I’ve had a miniature pig as a house pet and it wasn’t all adorable moments. They also don’t stay small like a piglet.

If you are wondering what it’s like to have a mini pig as a house pet, let me share with you four reasons it’s not a good idea.

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Pigs Are Not Full Grown Until 3 Years Old

The number one reason is – pigs don’t stop growing until they are three years old.

potbelly pig growth over three years. See how much a pig grows from a piglet to full grown.
Here is a quick look at how much Bentley Has grown in three years.

Myself and many other pig owners go crazy over how many “micro pigs” are being sold for thousands of dollars. Let me tell you this, there is NO such thing as a micro pig. Or Teacup pig.

These small breeds of pigs are potbelly pigs. They are not teacups or anything like that. If anyone is telling you a pig will stay under x amount of pounds, its a marketing tactic called a LIE!

If you truly do want to make a go of keeping your pig in your house be mindful they are heavy and will grow until they are three years old. If you really want a pig as a pet consider checking out your local animal shelter.

3 Major Reasons You Don't Want a Miniature Pig as a House Pet

You Can’t give them all your scraps.

Many new pig owners who keep their pigs in the house will end up giving their pigs all their scrapes. Why not? They are a pig and will eat anything right?

The problem with this, is these pigs are not farm pigs. The goal isn’t to put a ton of weight on them for market. They are made to live out in the wild and search for their food. When you end up giving your pig all these scrapes you get what our local animal shelter has.

A bunch of Obese pigs that no one wants to adopt. How heartbreaking is this?

Keep in mind they are pigs, but their needs are different than a farm pig.

3 Major Reasons You Don't Want a Miniature Pig as a House Pet

They Love Being In Nature

Which leads into my next point, they love to be outdoors and exercise their natural instincts. And let me tell you they are amazing at growing their own food. Olive is in her garden!

It’s important to know if you are going to have a potbelly pig as a house pet they need an outdoor area. It’s like keeping a larger breed dog inside all the time without a chance to run.

Your pigs will need an area to root up the mud, eat grass, and look for other things to eat and stay occupied. When Bentley was in the house a treat ball was a huge help. To this day my pigs still use a treat ball in winter to keep them occupied.

These pig treats will get my piggies to do anything. They absolutely love them from Tractor supply.

For tips on how to transition your pet pig outdoors read this.

If you ever decide to put your pig outside 24/7 you will need another pig friend. Pigs are happier and healthier when they have another pig friend. It is also said pigs with same species friends have a better relationship with humans too.

Pigs are a herd animal and although I would imagine it’s best to have another pig I often wonder if a goat, sheep, or even a chicken would be enough to occupy it?

3 Major Reasons You Don't Want a Miniature Pig as a House Pet

The thing I’ve noticed with out pigs is that they love to cuddle up together when they sleep. When you adopt from our local shelter they will not let you bring home one pig. They must be adopted in pairs or you have a pig already.


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