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3 Items You Need Now for Your Chicken Coop in Winter


Keeping chickens during the cold winter months can be challenging. You start to wonder how cold is to cold for chickens? What to feed chickens in winter? All valid questions that cause more stress than needs to be.

It’s fairly easy to care for your chickens in the winter with a the right prep and supplies.

If you are new here we live in Upstate New York smack in the middle of two great lakes. Our winters are long and can be a brutal mix of tons of snow and below freezing temperatures.

Today I want to share with you three easy supplies you need now to keep your chickens in Winter.

Chickens aren’t fans of snow. We always shovel a path outside of the chicken door coop for the flock to walk down on. They appreciate those little slices of green grass showing through.

Because we get a lot of snow and some mornings I’m not shoveling all that, they are stuck inside the coop.

3 Items You Need Now for Your Chicken Coop in Winter

PDZ Coop Refresher

To keep ammonia smells at bay it’s my new essential item for the chicken coop. PDZ.

I get mine on Amazon because let’s admit it, when you live out in the country Amazon Prime is the BEST!

I’ve been using the one for chickens specifically. You don’t need much so it will last awhile.

I clean out the coop sprinkle a little bit throughout and pile my sand back over it. Or you would use whatever bedding you use in the chicken coop.

Get yours here.

A little more about PDZ Coop Refresher:

  • Non-toxic, all natural and fully organically certified granular material ideal for coop applications
  • No added perfumes, masking scents, or chemicals used in formulation of the product
  • People, flock, and earth friendly – 100% organic materials used, no other additives
  • 33 years of proven odor control performance and always “Made in the USA”
3 Items You Need Now for Your Chicken Coop in Winter


I have yet to write a post on how much better sand is in the chicken coop. But let me tell you know it’s amazing! When we got our first six hens we were using the pine shavings. I found the cost adding up quickly. We switched to straw and it seemed to be cheaper BUT it is messy.

I’m also not a fan of the bugs it seems to attract. When we built our new chicken coop I wanted to start fresh. After reading about others success with sand in the coop I knew it was worth a shot.

We pasture raise our chickens so they are not in their actual coop much except for at night. The sand in the chicken coop is amazing. It’s like scooping out a litter box. One of our readers suggested this and it’s what sparked my research.

We bought play sand from Home Depot for $4 a bag. Easy peasy. It also will work in the compost pile too.

3 Items You Need Now for Your Chicken Coop in Winter3 Items You Need Now for Your Chicken Coop in Winter

Dog Water Bowl

You really can’t keep water from freezing in the winter in our area without a heated bowl. We use the electric dog heater water bowls. You can find these on Amazon for $20 or so.

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We keep one in each of our animal pens. The same goes for chickens. It works great. The only downside is if you get a higher bowl you will need to fill it up more frequently. I would opt for the shorter ones. Like this.

There you have it! My top THREE items I must have in our chicken coop for the winter. Yes there are more things you can always use but for today these are my favorites.

What are your favorite items to use in the chicken coop in winter?


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