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10 Must Know Tips to Pig Proof Your House

If you’ve come across this post, you are on one of my favorite journeys ever! Raising pigs as pets in your home. I bought home my pot bellied pig in 2016, and it’s still one of my favorite memories.

I wish we could have kept him indoors forever, but it wasn’t possible with his personality and the other animals that have come into our lives.

He is still on our homestead as a pet pig, along with four other pot bellied pigs.

It is entirely possible to bring home a baby pet pig and keep it in your home for the entire first year. Our potbelly pig Olive, who is mixed with Julianna, has the sweetest and calmest demeanor she would make an excellent indoor pet pig even at six years old!

10 Must Know Tips to Pig Proof Your House

We have a purebred Juliana pig Piper who is still fairly small, and her size would make her manageable to live indoors, but her personality, not so much.

The truth is you really can’t predict how long your baby pig will be able to live indoors but you can get your home ready for those first months at least.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to welcome a mini pig into your home, it’s time to get prepped for the big arrival.

pig pee out of carpet

Here are the 10 must-know tips to ensure that your house is totally pig-proof before bringing home your new bundle of joy.

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1. Conceal all electrical cords

Mini pigs love to explore, including chewing on electrical cords, so make sure you hide them. Pig-proofing the room your mini pig will be staying in is a must!

This is similar to a puppy, they have the same curious mindset, except a pig is smart. They remember everything, keep that in mind.


2. Move all breakable and food items out of reach

A mini pig’s curiosity can get the better of them sometimes, so be sure to move all breakable items out of reach. Also, keep any furniture that your mini pig can use as a stepping stool far away from potential trouble spots like kitchen counters.

They will go to all lengths to get to food. When Bentley was living inside he would be passed out on the couch for over and hour. I would sneak up and head to to the kitchen and quietly open the cupboard and grab a bag of chips out. As soon as I cut the chips, he grunted jumped off the couch and came right to the kitchen.

As you would with a puppy, when you leave your home, put the pig in a crate or a room that they won’t get into trouble.

what to feed your pot belly pigs
Olive when we first brought her home, shes put on weight now.

3. Secure all doors and windows/ Easy Access

Pigs are smart little creatures and they can easily figure out how to open doors or windows if you’re not careful. Secure all entrances with sturdy latches and ensure they’re always closed when leaving the house.

Bently knew that he could get our porch screen door open with a little manuerving on his part. This was another amazing and annoying process of raising a mini pig inside. They impress you with their intelligence and keep you on your toes.

Make sure the door you use for potty training is easily accessible. I’ve seen others use a doggy door. Our pig was pretty easy to potty train. We used the litter method, and I talk more about that in how to raise a baby mini pig here.

how to pick up a baby mini pig

4. Use baby gates

If you want to give your mini pig more freedom, set up baby gates in doorways or at the bottom of staircases to keep them from wandering off into areas you don’t want them to go.

Keep in mind once they get bigger they will work really hard to get their snout up under that gate to remove it.

There are some pig personalities that will be totally fine with the boundaries and won’t push their limits. This would be our Olive.

Baby gates are a great way to introduce other pets to your home. When we brought Bentley home, we had a German Shepard and a cat. Our german Shepard was seven years old and pretty laid back with animals.

He did fine with Bentley. I was very cautious at first because of all the horrible things I read online about dogs’ instinct to attack when they hear the squeal.

Our dog and pig ended up going for walks together on our property. Some of my best memories.

You can learn how I walk my mini pigs in my post and video here.

5. Make sure all your garbage cans have lids

Pigs love rummaging through garbage, and it’s not always the most pleasant of smells, so make sure you keep your mini pig away from open waste bins or garbage cans.

Once they get bigger they can knock the garbage cans over.

If you keep a mini pig in your home for awhile I would keep the garbage in a locked cupboard or outside.

6. Avoid using toxic cleaning supplies

Pigs can’t metabolize certain chemicals, which can be found in some cleaning supplies. To avoid this, opt for natural products or green alternatives that are safe for your pig and the environment.

10 Must Know Tips to Pig Proof Your House

7. Be aware of plants

There are many plants that are toxic to potbellied pigs so do your research before bringing any home. Here are a few toxic plants.

  • Ivy.
  • Laurel (not Bay Laurel)
  • Lilly of the Valley.
  • Buttercup.
  • Green acorns.
  • Oleander.
  • Sego Palm.
things you had no idea pigs love

8. Create a safe space

Set up a small area just for your mini pig and ensure there aren’t any potential hazards in it. This is calming to them and helps them create a routine.

Every evening I would say the same words to Bentley at night. “Bentley, go to bed.” He would go into his room that we had sectioned off for just him and get under his blankets and go to bed. I always threw a treat into him too.


9. Give them plenty of toys to play with

Pet Pigs get bored just like humans, so give them as many fun toys as possible to keep them entertained.

Here is a list of my favorite toys for mini pigs.

prepare your homestead for winter
This is Piper!

10. Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep

When you bring your mini pig home, ensure they have somewhere soft and comfortable to snooze in peace. They love their blankets. You can easily hit up a thrift store to give them a nice mound of comfort.

By following these 10 tips, your house will be totally pig-proof before bringing home your new pet! Now all you need is lots of love and patience and you’ll be ready to welcome your mini pig into your family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.