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7 of the Best Ways This Frugal Girl Saves Money on Gas

Saving money at the gas pump sounds impossible, but don’t give up yet! The best way to save money on gas starts by changing your driving habits before you arrive at the pump and combining those with a little bit of technology.

Hypermilers get criticized for radical gas-saving maneuvers, like shutting off the engine and turning without power. You don’t have to do anything potentially unsafe to save gas.

Learning to save money on gas is a great way to continue paying off debt. When you can save on your daily expenses you can use the extra money towards debt.

These are simple, safe ways to conserve gas and save money.

7 of the Best Ways This Frugal Girl Saves Money on Gas

1. Avoid idling with the motor on.

Next time you dash into a convenience store, remember to turn off that engine. And when you’re waiting to pick up the kids at school, ditch the long pickup line and get out to stretch those legs.

Trust me, it’s not just about saving fuel, it’s also a sneaky way to fit in some extra exercise. Win-win!

If you have a car that shuts the engine off when you press down on the brake, use that.

how to save money on gas

2. Identify the shortest, most efficient route to work, school, and grocery store.

The main street may look shorter, but not if there are several traffic lights. Even at a slower but consistent speed, a back road might be the best gas-saving route. 

Plan multiple stops along the way. Think twice before jumping into the car to drive across town for a $5 savings. With high gas prices, you can spend more driving to get a sale price than you actually save.

how to save money on gas

3. Slide, don’t slam.

Whenever possible, take your foot off the accelerator and let the car gradually decelerate before reaching a stop sign or red light.

Let gravity work in your favor instead of racing to the light only to slam on the brake. That wastes gas and wears out your tires faster.

how to save money gas

4. A well-maintained car operates more efficiently on less gas.

Just like tuning your engine and keeping fluids in check, using the right oil can work wonders for operational efficiency. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-maintained machine!

If the engine strains to function, get an engine diagnostic scan to ensure that things like the valve timing, fuel pump, and ignition are operating properly. Spending money on regular tune-ups is cheaper in the long run than the extra cost of gas plus wear and tear on the vehicle.

frugal way to save money on gas

5. Drive gently.

Changing your driving habits is the cheapest and easiest way to improve and save money on gas for any type of vehicle. Don’t race away from the traffic light – instead, gradually accelerate.

When going downhill, let gravity instead of gas power the descent. Reduce your use of the air conditioner. Open the windows to let out hot air before turning on the air conditioner. 

Remember, the next time you fill up at the pump, note the amount of gas, price per gallon, and current vehicle mileage. You need to monitor the gas usage to evaluate which gas-saving techniques work best for your vehicle. 

You can also watch the prices of gas stations on your regular driving route. The same brand name station on the main street or highway entrance is usually more expensive per gallon than the station a few blocks off the main route. 

6. Use Gas Apps

Apps are a modern frugal girl’s must-have. You can use apps to cut your grocery bill in half to cut your gas expenses, too. We shared a roundup on the blog here of the best gas apps to use.

BJs wholesale club

7. Memberships

Walmart+ is a newer membership you can use to save on your gas fill-ups. Walmart’s gas station is usually only a few cents more than our wholesale clubs. If you have a wholesale club membership to Costco, Sam’s or BJ’s, the gas prices are cheaper than your average gas station.

When you open different membership levels at those wholesale clubs, they come with extra perks like additional savings on your gas fills up.

If you do a lot of shopping at Walmart or want to start shopping in bulk, purchasing a wholesale club membership makes sense. Because of their awesome gas program, I always try to fill up at a wholesale club or our local Tops Markets.

By following the seven tips I’ve mentioned, you can start to save money on gas, and your wallet will thank you. From avoiding idling with the motor on to identifying the most efficient route, driving gently, and taking advantage of gas apps and memberships – there’s something for everyone when it comes to saving money on gas.

So make sure to put these tips into practice and watch your dollar bills soar more than it would from a hot air balloon! And if you’re looking for more savvy secrets that’ll fill up your pocketbooks with joy, check out our blog for more gas-saving tips.

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