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The Undeniable Truth of Raising a Rooster

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It feels like it was in an instant I went from living across the street from Walmart out into the country with over 30 chickens and wildlife all around. Two years ago I was scared to hold a chick. A chick! Beacause of their beaks.

For the past week I have been beside myself with letting go of my first Rooster who I bonded with. A rooster who I left my three year old girl behind in picking raspberries and he attacked her. She held her ground and kicked him good. He was limping for a week.

Yes they are chickens. But the whole reason I love having farm animals and to grow our little homestead is my love for them. To give them a chance at a great life and to provide my family nourishment.

Giving Him a Chance

I didn’t just want to end a  Rooster’s life that is stepping into his role that he was created to be. I wanted to give him a fair chance. So we did.

I was the only one he didn’t attack. Why would he? I provide him and his ladies food, water, and treats.

But then it happened. Again and again. He would get this look in his eye. And when my back was turned he would run after me. I would turn around and use my rod and he would stop.

But he wanted to attack.

Then he came after me even with the pole. I knew it was unsafe for the kids. They were scared to go outside. My three year old didn’t stand a chance.

They are free ranged. But they can’t rule our yard.

He was the alpha. I tried to give him time.

Then my husband went out as he was at the top of the hill outside of the barn. He challenged him. Then when my husband turned his back he went to attack.

Roosters Make the Best Stew

That’s what they tell you right? So the time has come. Here I sit typing experiencing the emotions while my husband does the part of farm life I know to be true and a must.

This part of farm life still stirs my heart up and makes it feel mucky for the moment.

Yet these moments are teachable. To my little girls who ask about Mr. Malcolm teaching them about food and nourishment. Teaching them about why we are choosing to eat chickens from our backyard instead of commercial.

And in those moments I myself am reminded of why we are doing this.

I am reminded this is only the beginning. One of many to come.

The crazy thing is, when the feathers are all out, everything you bonded to. The life that it was. Brings you back to just cooking a chicken in your kitchen.

It’s bizarre.

I read this quote[tweetthis] “Farm animals might be intelligent and they may show appreciation and acceptance, but it is a mistake to put every human emotion on an animal.”[/tweetthis]

That was it. I am raising my own food. There is a purpose. Oh emotions how they can tangle up some many things and make a mess out of nothing. A mess created that wasn’t even intended to be.

Let me encourage you as you raise your own chickens or whatever animal it may be to feed your family you are taking a small step toward a greater victory.

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