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Quick DIY Coasters for Free

DIY Coasters were one of the things I felt the need to have in college when I had my own apartment. I’m not sure why but it felt like a grown-up thing. I was always looking for clearance ones from Big Lots, or Walmartwhen I didn’t have time to DIY my own.

When we had kids coasters were a thing of the past. For a period of time, you can’t have any open drinks within a toddler’s reach.

Now our kids are six and eight and we finished up our kitchen makeover with a DIY Bar made from our 1850s barn.

DIY coasters free vinyl

I’m a little more paranoid about having drinks sitting on this beautiful old can’t replicate it type of wood. ( I will be sharing a post soon on how we built this and more pictures soon.) Follow my Pinterest board here so you don’t miss it.

I didn’t do a backsplash in our kitchen because it’s one of those things I wonder, is it really necessary? When strolling through Pinterest I saw someone make a kitchen backsplash from vinyl flooring.

I started our kitchen makeover while my husband was building a barn and a backsplash was more time-consuming. I needed to use all my own hacks to save time in the kitchen here.

If you want to see how much our kitchen makeover cost I have the breakdown here.

Vinyl flooring is still new to me because it’s a material we haven’t used in any of our DIY projects before.

I hit up our local Home Depot and saw there were quite a few options. I grabbed a bunch of the free samples and came home and set them all up on the counter for a couple days to get a feel for them.

And life happened and I wasn’t sure about any of the options working with our blue. Plus now that we put barn wood under the bar I didn’t want this fake looking wood to take away from it.

The squares sat in our junk drawer. Figured the kids could use them for a project. Along comes our eight year old and asks to use them for an experiment.

She plays with these vinyl squares and leaves them sitting out on the dining room table. My husband comes home from work sees them and puts them on the bar top and says, “We got coasters.”

It was perfect! Free unique coasters!

If you feel guilty about strolling through Home Depot and grabbing these coasters for free, check out Lowe’s. You will pay 25¢ per tile. This way you feel like you have more freedom to do what you want with them.


DIY coasters free vinyl

I’m loving it! I’m still unsure about using these as a backsplash. That sounds more like a winter project now. Since we are in Spring it’s all about the gardening and animals now.

DIY coasters free vinyl
DIY coasters free vinyl
DIY coasters free vinyl

What do you think? Would you use these for coasters? Do you have any coaster ideas for free?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.