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5 Fun & Frugal Ways To Garden With Your Kids

Are you looking for ways to get your children involved in gardening activities? You don’t need a ton of space or money to get started with these five fun and frugal gardening activities. 

Maybe you are struggling with getting your children to take an interest in gardening? Or perhaps you aren’t wanting to dive into gardening solo and need your little sweets to tag along with you.

Either way, it’s a great idea to get your kids involved in the gardening process with you.

It takes a little bit of patience and consistency if your kids are reluctant at first. But, of course, their tablets are familiar to them.

So please don’t give up, and encourage them to continue to try something new. They will love when they get to go out to the garden and pick a fresh strawberry for the first time.

Whether you are a pro or just starting, these five gardening activities will keep your kids interested in the process.

5 Fun & Frugal Ways To Garden With Your Kids


I shared a video on Instagram about how I have the girls help me with seeds. If you have kids under the age of six, be prepared if you let them plant the actual seeds to lose some.

By that, they tend to push those little seeds down deeper than they should. Of course, you could always bring them back to the surface. For me, it was just easier to let my youngest have her own container and plant away.

Check out how to plant a Pizza Garden for your kids here.


Frugal Seed Starting Container Ideas


Herbs are a great way to have the kids help with gardening. For example, you can ask them to pinch off a couple of basil leaves when making homemade pizza. The older kids can chop up some parsley to add to your meal. 

It also helps encourage kids in the process of cooking meals. This can be a huge help when you have picky eaters. Container gardening is a great option when you are short on time and space.

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gardening activities to do with kids



No need to go out and find a new planter. Look around your household for unique containers for kids to plant in.

They will get a kick out of planting something in old chicken water, a water can, or even an old shoe! The part us adults love, we aren’t spending money on the most expensive pot the kids always seem to pick out at the garden store. See my favorite Tractor Supply Planters here.

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5 Fun & Frugal Ways To Garden With Your Kids


The girls and I did a fairy garden in a planter last year for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not drill a hole in the bottom, and our poor fairies got rained out.

I found the best price on fairy garden stuff at Big Lots. If you are new here, I have an obsession with Big Lots. Check out the cute decor they have for less in my post here.

If you stalk Amazon, you will find coupons and good deals for fairy gardens too.

The girls loved the idea of a fairy garden. You can go wild with this idea. Michael’s also carries all the fairy garden goodness, but I suggest only going when you have a coupon. Or at the end of summer when it goes on clearance.

compost pile 3 easy steps



Kids will be surprised that their leftover fruit and veggies turn to dirt if you stick with them. Plus, your compost is a great frugal way to nurture your garden.


Set Up the Sprinkler

Technically if your kids helped plant anything, you could set up the sprinkler in front of your garden. This way, the kids are having fun, and your plants are being watered.

If you can’t set the sprinkler up to water, your garden tells the kids the grass needs moisture too, and it’s still ” gardening.”

Let me know what other ideas you have to get your kids in the garden with you.

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