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Here’s This Week’s $61 Grocery Trip & Meal Menu

I’m back sharing my third consecutive week of grocery shopping and meal planning. I’ve done random meal menus and grocery trips in the past. Yet, it’s been years since I’ve done them consecutively.

This week I went slightly over my $60 goal. I knew this would probably happen because I got a few snack items at BJs. We all know almost all items at BJs or Costco are $10 each. Who am I kidding it’s still so close I’m happy with it!

I did use a few coupons and stumbled upon a nice clearance price on granola bars at BJs.

If you missed my last two weeks of shopping tap here to see those. I try to include a video each week too.

Below is the video recap or scroll down for the grocery items I bought and what meals I’m making.

If you hate meal planning but want to get started to save money each week try this meal planning app.


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If you are new to the idea of how to shop from your pantry first THIS Post explains it ALL 🙂

Here's This Week's $61 Grocery Trip & Meal Menu


Here is the Grocery List:

Need tips on how to make a grocery list that saves money? Tap here.


Milk $1.99

Quaker Dipp Granola Bars $6.48

Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt 40 oz. $4.99

BJs Sharp Cheddar Cheese $6.49

Thomas English Muffins- my husbands obsession 18 pk. $3.49

Honey Wheat bread 2 pk. $3.49

Late July Organic Tortillas ( my fav!) $5.99- Used a $1.50 BJs coupon

Goldfish Multipack 45 ct. $11.99- Used a $1.00 off BJs coupon

Total: $44.91


BBQ Chips Tops brand $0.99 with Tops super coupon in ad

2 lbs of Green Grapes $4.14

2.44 lbs of Red Grapes $4.86-

Bananas $1.36

Tops Pizza $1.99 with Tops super coupon in ad

Half and half was in clearance cooler for $1.10

Starkist Tuna $1 a pack and I bought 6 packs and got $5.03 off paid 97¢

Total: $14.41


Jif Whips Chocolate Peanut Butter $2.63

Total for everything: $61.95!


Breakfast: Cereal ( we are still eating up those boxes from my 1st week!) eggs, toast, pancakes

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich, PB&J sandwiches, salads, leftovers


Sun: Beer Can Chicken ( we raise our own) with Potatoes

Mon: Dinner at Family’s house

Tues: Chicken Cobbler Casserole

Wed: Pizza

Thurs: Seasoned Beef with Tomatoes, Onions & Rice

Friday: Was potato soup but I used them all Monday, so instead I’ll make a minestrone soup

Sat: Tuna Melts with Broccoli

That’s it friends. Keep it Simple Keep It Under budget!

If you haven’t started thinking about gifts for the holiday season I’m been busting my butt getting a TON of gift guides out for you. Check them out below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.