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5 Reasons a Small Chicken Coop Is Better For You

The practice of using a small chicken coop rather than a larger one is becoming more popular. There are several reasons why these coops are gaining in popularity.


One reason is because hectic, busy lifestyles are better suited for these kinds of coops.

The reason cited most often for having smaller coops is because they’re not as hard to keep in a sanitary condition as the larger coops are.

With a smaller coop, once the chickens are out of it, the coop can be cleaned in a shorter amount of time. There won’t be much (if any) scrubbing to do after the coop is washed down with the garden hose.

Check out how I clean our current chicken coop in 10 minutes.

5 Reasons a Small Chicken Coop Is Better For You


Cost is another reason the smaller coop wins out over the bigger one. They’re not as expensive to build because there isn’t the need for all the lumber larger coops need in order to construct them.

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There’s a smaller amount of hardware to be used and a smaller area needed for ventilation. A smaller coop can be put together in a day versus the length of time it takes to build a standard size coop.

Check out why we love using sand in our chicken coop here.


Because of the size, smaller chicken coops can be kept in nearly any location where they’re allowed. Even a condominium with what’s commonly called a postage stamp backyard has room enough to support the existence of a small chicken coop.

With a smaller coop, if you build it in one area of your yard but notice a problem with that area, a smaller coop is a lot easier to move than a larger one.

5 Reasons a Small Chicken Coop Is Better For You


Small chicken coops are great for people who want to have chickens but don’t have the time or the space to give to larger coops.

Not only are these scaled down versions of bigger coops easier to maintain, easier to repair when something needs to be fixes, but they also make it easier for the owners to provide food and water for the chickens.

For someone who wants to have more than four chickens, smaller coops are not a good option.

These coops are specifically meant for no more than five or six chickens – maximum. If you want to have chickens specifically to make money from selling eggs, it’s better to go with the larger choice.

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backyard chicken planner
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These coops are built with material just as sturdy as the bigger coops and are meant to last just as long. The small chicken coop is not an inferior version of the larger chicken coops, but rather a scaled down version.

The smaller coops operate much like the larger ones. They offer shelter, a place to nest and safety from natural enemies. If you’ve always wanted to have chickens but assumed you’d have to stick with the larger coops, now you know you don’t have to.

Let me know how many chickens you are hoping to get and questions below?

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