5 Ways to Declutter Physical & Emotional Stuff

5 Ways to Declutter Physical & Emotional Stuff


I had no idea my vision was blurred by all the clutter in my life. Not the physical clutter. Papers on the counter, toys in the corner, shoes here and cups and plates there.

The emotional clutter. The strained relationships. The stiffness you have with your spouse. Building boundaries you had no idea needed to exist.

It can continue to pile up in our hearts and our homes. It’s time we shoved it all away. Now is the time to clear away the clutter so we can see what is worthwhile.

Let’s look at how to declutter our physical and emotional stuff.

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How to Declutter Physical Items
There is one simple rule when it comes to decluttering your home. 

Don’t keep more than you can take care of. 
For us farm animal lovers it also means not getting more animals than we can handle at the moment. 
It takes time to build the muscle of saying no. When the sale comes up or a new baby animal is available, we need to say no.

How to say no? Don’t do it. Don’t hesitate when you see the new shirt you don’t need because your closet is more than full, say no. It’s easier to stop your mind from letting yourself see what happens when you say yes to another item.

Easier To Say No To Animals

It is easier to say no to free animals. We justify the cost and space. We either have it or we don’t. What if we could do the same thing with our stuff?The stuff that can go into an unused closet or junk drawer.

What if we started thinking about where all the clothing items we return to a store where they end up?

Give Up Scarcity

I didn’t even know I had a scarcity mentality until we discussed it at a bible study one night. Not just in a spiritual way of holding onto our stuff way.

A question to ask yourself is, “What do you tend to hoard because you’re worried you won’t have enough?”

The thing is when you give stuff away you want to be mindful and smart about it. If you know there is something pushing you to get rid of it, what keeps you holding on?

For me, if God is asking me to give something up, why do I still have such a hard grip on it?

I remember hearing at one of our small groups at church about giving. The group leader asked why we tend to give the off brand items to a food pantry? Why aren’t we giving the name brand items?

It hit me hard. I would much rather give away my free boxes of cereal and worn clothes over the new clothes with a tag hanging. The ones I haven’t worn yet.

Because in my mind, I was saying one day I might need, them, and I want the new shirt, and I deserve a new shirt.

It causes us to get stuck in a selfishness act doesn’t? When we constantly think about our own feelings or how we will appear to others we tend to hold on to it. We like to stay in control.

When you want to declutter your mind and space the two go hand in hand. You need to be able to have your mind free from distraction to focus on the moment.

Focus on the Moment

Draw closer to God. Let him declutter your mind.

Let go of the things that cause you to feel anxious. Give what you know you need to.
Don’t hold back and embrace the moment right now right here.

Give it Away

Hosting a garage sale when I was a kid was something I enjoyed. I always loved handling the money. I felt like a real business person as a kid. I didn’t care about anything else.

As I got older I did a couple of garage sales when the girls were babies. They weren’t too successful. I always felt like after they were over, that’s it?
All that work for $25?

I did indeed learn how to host a great garage sale here with these tips.

There could be a number of reasons the sale didn’t go well.
Since I stopped holding onto things for a garage sale and started giving them away my mind is freer.

When you add more to the attic for next years garage sale the problem didn’t go away. It’s hidden.

Everytime I take something to Goodwill or my favorite put stuff to the curb I‘m satisfied.
I love putting things to the curb because I know how amazing it feels to find something you need for free!

You can join the popular Buy Nothing Facebook groups through the Buy Nothing project.

Blessing someone else while my mind and home gets declutterd is a win in my book.
I hope you take a minute to think about what is decluttering your mind or home?

There is a new Netflix series called, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. It will inspire you to start living with less. Or check out her book here.

What tips do you have to declutter your current situation?

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