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5 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Under $20

There are times, it’s not always an option to get someone a lavish gift – even if you really do want to. When you’re strapped for cash around the holiday season, you can definitely get away with getting some memorable gifts for others without having to look like you’re being cheap.

Let’s let go of the word cheap and use resourceful.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to give a good gift, and you can get something thoughtful for anyone with just $20.

Here are 5 Gift Ideas Under $20


The first simple gift you could get for this amount of money is a book.

christmas gift ideas under $20- books

Books are often only around $10-$20, and with so many genres and types of books, you can almost certainly find something for someone else that they would really like. You can get books about politics, bands, fictional worlds, and so much more.

Since there are so many apps to read books for free it’s exciting to get a hard copy of a book. When it’s a nice hard cover book they can display it in their home too.

No matter what someone is most interested in, there ought to be a good book for them at an affordable cost.

Subscription Box

Another good option is a first time offer of a subscription box. Subscription boxes are a relatively new thing, and essentially, they’re a mail based gift box centered around something specific that has a new box each month, where you can choose to continue and renew that subscription.

5 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Under $20

There are subscription boxes for video game fans, clothes, books, food, and so much more. There are tons of options, and the first box is usually fairly cheap as an introductory offer.

thredup goody box review

My personal favorite subscription box is for Thredup. You get a personal stylist to pick out clothes for you and you only pay for what you want to keep! I have a review on my experience here. This would be a great gift idea for the thrifty girl.

With Covid-19 meal subscriptions/meal delivery services have become more popular. I have a list of my favorites here.


5 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Under $20

Basic Kitchen Tools

If someone you know is interested in cooking or they’re just getting settled in a new place, then some basic kitchen tools can go a long way. Little things that they might not need to use a lot, but will occasionally come in handy, making for great gifts.

They usually don’t want to buy these smaller tools for themselves, since they won’t use them daily, but they can help improve the quality of their time spent in the kitchen.

YOu can find cute little waffle makers, for under $20. During Black Friday sales many retailers have the Dash Mini Waffle maker for under $20. As of writing this, you can score it on Amazon for $7.99. Mini waffles and pancake makers are a fun gift for that special someone on your list.

To save even MORE money check out the items to Buy AFTER Christmas here.

DIY Ideas

If you want to add a touch of personal flair, you can make something yourself that’s personally suited for them.

This can add more meaning to a gift while keeping costs fairly low. It can be as big as some kind of furniture you make through woodworking – or even something small, like a little charm on a necklace. This is a cost effective way to make a very kind gift.

Gift Cards

Last, there’s always the option of a gift card. Gift cards are an easy way to give someone a guilt free trip to go get something they’re interested in or need.

As long as you get something from their preferred place to shop, you’re sure to give them something that they want and can use.

I hope this inspires you to find the perfect gift for under $20 this year. Or maybe it has sparked something else for your loved one this year. Let us know any other gift ideas you have in the comments below.

Even MORE Gift Ideas:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.