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My Walmart Deal Trip Using Only Ibotta

I’ve been a couponer for years now. As with everything else with technology speeding in front of us, you have to adapt. Today many retailers encourage couponer’s to use their apps or add coupons through their website.

I’ve stepped away from Ibotta over the past year but I’m ready to get back into it. ( Plus if you’re new to signing up you get a $10 Welcome bonus!)

I normally shop at BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, or Tops for our grocery household needs.


Not that I have anything against any other store, but I’m in my 30’s now and I like what I like. I also know that these three stores are awesome for coupons, savings, and deals.

Here are a few quick tips about Ibotta. For a FULL length article and video on how to use it go here. ( WOW my hair was short in this video huh?!)

What you do is select the offer you want to redeem.

  • -Head to the store that you choose to buy the product from and purchase
  • -Scan the barcode on the product
  • -Then take a picture of your receipt showing proof of purchase. Or in Walmart’s case you scan the QR code. No scanning barcodes.
  • -Earn money!
My Walmart Deal Trip Using Only Ibotta

Most of the items I was snatching up with Ibotta are not carried at BJs or Costco and Tops didn’t have them on sale.

Tops is expensive if you don’t shop the store the right way. Otherwise it’s a couponer’s favorite place.

I’ve got my video of shopping Ibotta and the hauls this week. Check it out below. What I’m making for Dinner this week is after the video.

( Feel free to scroll down after starting the video and it will keep playing while you scan my list and menu!)

I wanted the Free PopCorners our Walmart was sold out. And the Free Campbells soup I couldn’t find. Always check the app for the ones that say free after offer.

Ibotta Offers I used:

$1 off Oreo Mystery

$1.22 on 2 Chobani Greek Yogurts

$0.65 on Keebler Elfin Mix

$2 on Imagine Organic Soups ( 2)

$1.50 on Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries

$0.50 Townhouse Flips

BOU Soup Cups $1.50/1

$1 on Figgin Fruit

$2 on Tru Fru Indulge on the Go

$0.90 King Arthur Flour

I also earned a $10 bonus after these purchases making my final price only $27 for everything in the picture above.

Here’s our Meal Menu

Breakfast– Cereal, Pancakes, Eggs

Lunch– PB&J, PB& Banana sandwiches, yogurt, and whatever snacks are in the cupboard and from this trip- 🙂


Sunday- Ninja Foodi Pizza Pasta Bake

Monday- Pot Roast,with Corn, the free Italian Bread

Tuesday- Lasagna

Wednesday- Fried Tilapia with Garlic Butter and Sweet Potato French Fries

Thursday- Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup- That Imagine Soup is SO good.

Friday- If we have leftovers it will be that, otherwise I’ll choose from Spaghetti or Pizza

Saturday- Roasted Chicken- we raise our own

Hate Meal Planning? Try my favorite Meal Planning App to get your inspired and stress free here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.