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3 Stores You Must Shop to Find Cheap Home Decor

Decorating my Home is one of my favorite things to do. So when I find home decor on clearance, I’ve hit the jackpot! None of us want to go broke decorating our homes.

When the urge strikes next time, be prepared to spend half of what you usually spend with my tried and true tips.

Home decor shopping was my weakness when living a debt-free life. But, as much as I love a good deal, I loved it even if I couldn’t put it anywhere in our house.

Once I got serious and realized some of my emotional spendings had to do with self-awareness, I stopped.

If you feel the itch to go out and get a new item for your Home, tell yourself before you leave that you may come home empty-handed.

I started holding the item and asking myself where I saw it in my Home. If I can’t see a physical spot for it to be used in my house, I pass it up, even if it’s 90% off. Well, almost! We are all a work in progress 😉

Then, my weakness comes in. I’ll donate it or give it to a friend. There’s a fine line there, too, right?! I know I’m not the only one who finds her feet heavy when she walks away from a fantastic home decor deal.

Let’s get to it!

Target Clearance Tips

The Best Tip to Get Cheap Home Decor

To maximize your clearance savings, always shop out of season. This means when Christmas suddenly comes up, you do not head out to Target and get the sale of Christmas items.

Let’s say you shop after Christmas clearance. You come across a great set of ornaments. Do not open those. Put them right down with your Christmas items in the basement/attic etc.

Next year when the holiday rolls around, you find something new unopened, bringing excitement. It’s worth the wait.

If you are a BJs shopper, I have the list of items on clearance and season times here.


Change How You Shop School Supplies

Do it if you can wait until September to buy big ticket school supplies. I avoid buying backpacks, lunch boxes, laptops, etc. until September.

At this point, these big-ticket items are being cleared out. So, only grab the basics like pencils, crayons, and notebooks in July and August.

If you need an idea of when school supplies are at their lowest price point, download our free list here.

Don’t let the kids beg you for that total-price backpack. Instead, let them know how important and why you want to save money by waiting a week. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about managing money.

dollar general summer clearance

The Best Places for Clearance Home Decor Are:

Big Lots– Don’t underestimate the power of this store. They change out home decor items frequently. So sign up for the rewards program. Right now, new members get $5 off a $15 purchase!

For tips on how to decorate your office on a budget, try this.

Target After every seasonal switch, the clearance is 70% off or more. You will need to act fast at this store. Once it hits 70% off, it goes quickly. If you get a Target Redcard debit card, you save 5% off. And don’t forget Target Cartwheel!

Tractor Supply– With their new line by Trisha Yearwood, fresh items come in each season. A few times now I’ve been excited to see clearance potters and at the register, they deduct MORE! Always ask if something is marked down what the actual price is if it doesn’t fall into your budget.

Marshalls/TJMaxx- Yes, they have clearance! Look to those rear endcaps!

Tops Markets the seasonal section. Or you can insert your local grocery store here. Tops are my favorite one to find deals.

Dollar General– This can be a big hit if you have a nicer one. The original price of items at this store is already cheap. You walk out with almost free stuff when you top it with 75% off.

Home Goods– Like Marshall’s and TJmaxx, this one is ALL home decor items.

BJ’s Wholesale Club- Of course, I have this one on here. The clearance is what drew me in to shop more frequently at BJs. We have a small BJs club in our small town, and it’s a goldmine for clearance.

Costco- With my current membership, I’m finding this club has plenty of clearance items too. Always wait after something hits the shelves to see how it sells. It’s worth the low price they put things to when it doesn’t sell right away.

3 Stores You Must Shop to Find Cheap Home Decor

For the best online places to find clearance Home Decor


at Home




Urban Outfitters

Whether you shop online or in-store for home decor, I hope you will see it in a new light. One where we get back to the ’90s and remember we do know how to wait for things we love.

Remember how exciting TGIF was?! Yes, get that excited to wait for your next home decor deal. Then, come on back and share with us what you find.

With the right mindset and patience, finding quality home decor at an affordable price can be easily achieved. Creativity and resourcefulness are vital in creating the perfect college dorm room or apartment.

Don’t feel overwhelmed–it’s totally doable! Even if you only have a few dollars to your name, hunting through thrift stores and taking advantage of online deals can help create something unique.

Start by considering all of your options, such as furniture flippers, deep discount stores, and online resale shops, and consider how these places can provide the best deals for the items you need.

As long as you plan ahead and use this information to guide you in your search for affordable home decorations, you’ll effortlessly create an incredible space that expresses your personality without breaking the bank. Now go forth and find those dream home decor pieces on a budget!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.