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Here is Why a Side Hustle Isn’t Right For You

Aren’t you tired of saying, ” When we have money we can do that.” “One day I hope we can afford that.”

When we want a change in our finances, we immediately think we need more money. What if needing more money isn’t the answer?

Instead of trying to get a side hustle what if you try changing how much money you are spending daily?

Not weekly or monthly.

Just one day at a time.

When you hop on over to Pinterest you will see tons of Pins repinned thousands of times for side hustles at home.

Yes, the internet is an amazing place and some can earn REAL money from working at home.

Let me tell you though it’s harder than it appears. It’s harder than Marketers want you to believe.

side hustles not working heres what to do

Try To Avoid Quick Side Hustle Fixes

Side hustles have become a common word. It’s a given almost all stay at home parents today have a side hustle right?

For example, let me talk about the blogging world. I’ve been in the blogging world since 2013. I learned everything online of course. You don’t really go to college to become a blogger, in my case, I went for Journalism.

Today you can find TONS of websites showing you how to make six figures online.

Sell your own products amp up your affiliate marketing and grow that HUGE email list because you need to sell to the email list all of your products.

Sure enough, some bloggers will make it. And many of the successful six-figure bloggers today started at the peak time in 2008.

Yes, I know there are some who have just started and are making decent money so they claim.

MANY bloggers never tell you how much money they spend on courses. The thing is you can easily buy into the marketing of starting your own side hustle because the internet allows you to find any answer you want.

You Can Find Every Answer You Want- Not Need

If you would rather start a side business instead of eating out every day you’ll find the answer online.

If you would rather start making meals from scratch instead of getting a part-time job the answers are at your fingertips online.

The point is if you are struggling with bringing in extra income and all the side hustles are leaving you more exhausted and mentally drained then before, try changing your spending habits.

Today’s world we want quick fixes which are why blogging can be so hard for many. It takes time. Usually a couple of years. I mean there are over 152 billion blogs now, talk about competition.

With the online presence changing we are constantly marketed too.

Focus on Spending One Day Only

Take a minute to step back and reflect and see where you can cut back your spending today. Then when you wake up tomorrow think about how you can cut back your spending for that day.

With the internet, our attention span is becoming less. If you made it this far in the article -Congrats! 🙂 Seriously though we want instant fixes because, for the most part, we can get them.

We are even getting packages on Amazon now in ONE-day standard. It won’t be long when we get them within an hour and we won’t believe we used to wait DAYS for a product.

If you can change your mindset with spending your investing in something forever. Yourself. Your finances. Your life.

We are all different for sure and what we spend daily varies. This is where it is up to you to look at what you can cut back.

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Here are some quick examples of daily spending cutbacks.

  • Kids lunches– consider not buying prepackaged snacks and packing your own. Consider buying from Clubs like BJs or Costco and then packing up the items yourself.
  • Try these tips for healthier kids snacks.
  • Already made beverages– where you buy pop for at home or a coffee at Tim Hortons. Try these tips to save money on coffee expenses.
  • Shoes- this can be a difficult one but how many different types of sandals, heels, etc do you REALLY need? Try This Site for used shoes shipped.
  • Flowers– consider growing your own from seed. Sharing plants with a neighbor or looking for a plant sale at your local store. Plants can add up quickly and in our area, we have a very short growing time. Try Starting your seeds indoors with these tips.
  • New Clothes- I read millennials only wear an item three times and then get rid of it. Consider wearing clothes until they are worn. Consider not buying any new clothing for a longer period of time than you normally do. Try a Goodybox shipped to your for less.
  • Unplanned grocery shopping. I’m talking about the trips where you need food in the house and the kids to stop saying how hungry they are. The times where you buy whatever looks good and is a go-to staple. Meal Plan and buy items on sale strategically making your list to actually save money instead of waste it.
  • Try this to make the right grocery list next time.

These are only a few of the ways you can look at your current lifestyle. Remember when it comes to spending money we choose to spend money on what we want our lifestyle to look like.

For more things to cut back on your budget check out my six silly but money saving things to stop doing today here.

When it comes to surviving we all have way more than we need to do that. Sometimes we just need to remember to live on less. It’s not easy because we are so very fortunate in this country to have so many things at our fingertips.

It’s also not going to be a fun time when we reach retirement age and we realize we’ve been overspending this whole time and now we need quick fixes.

It’s important to find a balance with spending and saving.

Today consider looking at your daily spending habits and cutting out one thing each day. Don’t think about what you won’t spend tomorrow just focus on today.

If you normally hit up Starbucks consider going for a regular coffee instead of the latte- it’s way cheaper. A little sugar and cream do wonders for less. Or just skip it altogether and make one at home.

If you look for ways to stop spending you will find them, but it will be up to you to actually decide what to do with that choice today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

You got this. You can do it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.